Saturday, May 21, 2011

What Rapture? Well, it's May 22

Well, as I'm sitting here at my computer, it's about 1:25 AM on Sunday, May 22, 2011. According to Harold Camping, the rapture of the church was to take place at 6:00 PM yesterday. When the time came up on the clock, I was preparing to perform at a Gospel concert in Fort Worth, Texas. As the time came, I looked around the First Baptist Church in that city and watched as NO ONE LEFT.

  This Harold Camping is a false teacher, is a man who did this in order to draw attention to himself and to con people out of their hard earned money. He is a disgrace to Christianity, and he has brought shame to the name of God and His Son, Jesus. This man is not a true believer and does not represent those of us who study the Bible and teach truth from it.

  Folks, we are living in the day and the hour when there will be an increasing number of false prophets, false teachers who are in this for fame, money and the attention that comes from making claims that they got a word from God. These are sinful people and they are conning folks left and right. They are teaching things that can very easily be debunked if, people will just read their Bible.

  Hosea 4:6 and Isaiah 5:13 are verses that I quote regularly on my radio program. God said that His people were destroyed and led into captivity because they have no knowledge. The knowledge the Father was speaking of comes from only one source, the Holy Bible. If people will just open that precious book and will read its pages, they will learn what to expect and how to tell when someone is not speaking for God.

  There is a test for a true prophet, a true teacher of God and it's found in Deuteronomy 18:22. The test is real simple, what they claim God told them will come to pass, 100% of the time. Anything short of that, they aren't a true prophet.

  Just open your Bible and study it, you'll learn the truth and know how to spot a slickster like Harold Camping who has now gotten it WRONG TWICE. "If your Bible is torn apart, your life isn't."

June 9, 2011. I would like to thank the folks at for naming this post as The Best Christian Blog of The Week for May 22, 2011. Thank you for your consideration and your award. God bless you.

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