Thursday, May 19, 2011


  On May 19, 2011, American president Obama delivered a speech where he called on Israel to go back to the pre 1967 borders in order to give the Palestinian Authority parts of Jerusalem, and other land, to create a Palestinian State. Mr. Obama, this is a huge mistake and you should know it.

  The Palestinians have no claim to the land of Israel or any part of Jerusalem. God gave this land, and a whole lot more, to Abraham and his seed. This covenant was re-established in Abraham's son Issac and again with Isaac's son, Jacob. This is part of the Jewish history, part of the Bible and is found in all the Christian/Hebrew text. God gave this land to the apple of His eye, the Jewish people and it is theirs, no matter what any man might saw.

  The Royal Land Decree is found in Genesis 15:17-21, and this was a blood covenant and it cannot be broken by anyone. This is far more serious than most people can even begin to understand. God will judge all those who attempt to separate Israel from her land and yes, that includes America (Joel 3:2). America needs to be treating Israel with a lot more respect and needs to acknowledge her right to protect herself from her enemy's, which includes all the Muslim countries surround her.

  Friends, we need to be praying more for the peace of Jerusalem, for the Israeli government and for the members of the IDF. We need to pray that our own government doesn't side with the enemy's of God and of Israel and that Mr. Obama comes to his senses before he plundges America in judgment from God.

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