Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Prophetic Warning

  This word came to me this morning and as it did, I could hear the mournful tone in the Father's voice. I could tell that, as He spoke this word, He was already grieving for those who will refuse to accept words His word, and others that will soon come. I am afraid that there are many who will continue to put off coming to the Father to ask forgiveness, many who will continue to play church or hold on to things in this world. My friends, there is no time to waste, no time to play the games many play.

  I'm asking you to pray, then read these words and make sure that your heart is right with God. Please, make sure that all your sins are forgiven and that you have no unforgivenss in your heart. The terrible day of the Lord is at hand, please make sure your sins are forgiven so you won't be left behind.

May 31, 2011 @ 1:20 AM

“Why don’t you heed the words spoken by My prophets, or the words contained My Holy Scriptures? Can you not see that My Son’s return is even at the door? Look around you and see the signs of the times, signs that have been prophesied thousands of year ago by My prophets and even by My Son.

  Even now I am showing you things that have been foretold in My Word, signs that should make your rejoice and humble yourselves before Me. Signs that should stir your heart and soul to repent and to worship Me for you should be able to see these signs, and know that the time of your departure is close at hand.

  Why then do you still bicker and fight amongst yourselves? Why do you participate in vain debate and wander from Me? I have given you the signs, I have given you the signs of the season when the Christ will return for His bride and yet, you do not see and you do not hear.

  Thus says the Lord of host, think not that I will delay the return of My Son; think not that His return will be delayed past that day that I have set from the beginning. Is it not in My Word that I knew the end from the beginning? Do not think that I have delayed His return, for that day has not come: but woe to them that do not heed My words.

  The day has come for you to put aside your vanity, your wantonness and to humble yourselves before Me. The time has come that My hand will no longer be stayed and will longer hold what is to come. Those who love Me will worship Me and they will worship Me in spirit, and in truth. They will set about to warn those who will listen that My Son’s return is even at the door.

  Look around you, open your eyes to see that what I have said would happen has happened; open your eyes to see that the words of My Scriptures are fulfilled and the day has come. You who scoff at these words, those who do not believe that My Son will soon return for His bride, you have been blinded by this world’s trappings and its vanity. Hear My words while there is yet time, hear the words of my prophets and ministers and come back to me while you still can.

  Harken unto the words of the Lord and you shall be saved. As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at the end. They mocked My servant Noah, even unto the time when he and his family entered the safety of the Ark and I, the Lord God of the universe, closed the door behind them. Hear Me, My little children: the door of the Ark is set to close again before the terrible day of My judgment on this earth. Come to me while there is still time.

  I, the Lord of hosts have spoken this. You have no more time to scoff and to wait… hear My words and live; heed them not and the fires of Hell await those who refuse My grace and forgiveness.
  This is the generation that will see the Rapture of the church, the Tribulation of seven years and will also witness the Second Coming of Christ. Are you ready to meet Him?

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