Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spiritually Ignorant

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." Hosea 4:6
This is an urgent message from the Lord God Jehovah. These are not my words, they are His.

  " My little children, the time of the end has come, and My heart is grieved as I look to see so many who claim to be Mine, who know so little of My Word. I see so many who are walking around in a fog because they have no real knowledge of Me or My Word. They are being led into captivity, they are hearing false teachers and believing their soft words, their comforting words and accepting them over what is written in My Word, what it written in the pages of the Holy Bible.

  Have not My prophets warned of this day? Have not my messengers, my true teachers warned that the day would come when people would believe the lie and depart from the truth? I am calling to you, I am calling to you who call yourselves by My name to stop believing the lies and to come back to Me. Lay aside the things that keep you from spending time with Me in prayer; lay aside the things that are keeping you from opening My Word and reading what is there for you. My words are there to give you instruction, to give you weapons to fight spiritual battles and my words are there to give you the knowledge that will save your soul from hell.

  Why do you run from the truth? My Son walked among you and taught you well. He warned you that you should let no man deceive you (Matthew 24:4) yet, you believe the smooth words of man and have departed from the truth. Come back to Me and I will forgive you and will raise you up. Come back to Me in times of intimate prayer, in times of study and I will give you strength to fight the evils of this world's system and its deception. Do not from Me, but rather run to Me.

  The day is soon to come when the powers of darkness will overtake this world and many will be led into the pits of hell itself. The day is soon coming when the evil one will be loosed and will draw many away from the truth. Seek the truth of My Word while there is still time. Do not allow the doctrines of men and the smooth words of false teachers pull away from My truth. Come back to Me and I will renew your mind, you spirit with My truth.

  Hear the voice of the Lord of hosts: seek My face in prayer, in praise and in times of study so that you are not led into captivity, so that you are not destroyed by the lies of Satan. Hear now the words of the Lord, for they are good."

  Beloved, we live in a day when truth has been set aside for lies. When live in the day when people lie for the sake of lying and even in the church this has sadly become so. We are living in the final moments of this age and there is a push to pull even the elect into darkness. There are false teachers and preacher spewing all kinds of lies and even going so far as to call God's Word (the Bible) outdated and out of step. It isn't the Bible that's out of step, it's man. God's Word will give you all the ammunition you need to fight these spiritual battles and to win. God's Word will renew your mind and will give you the truth so that, when you hear a lie or someone twisting the Word to fit an immoral or impure lifestyle, you can be prompted by the Holy Spirit and will know not to believe them.

  I'm begging of you, heed this word and return to God. Come back and make the time to pray and to read that precious Bible. Don't allow yourself to suckered into something that is totally against what God said is right or to be swept away by some fake emotional device of men. Study that Bible!

  Make time to be with God. Turn off that television, turn off that iPod, shut down that computer and that telephone and find a quiet place to lay before the Lord and to just talk to Him. Being a Christian isn't about religion, it's about relationship. You build a relationship by talking to someone and reading the letters they send to you. Well, God is waiting for your call and He's given us His love letter, it's called the Bible. Always remember, "if your Bible is torn apart, your life isn't."

In Christ's Service,


Happy Anniversary KJV Bible

  One of the most important celebrations this year will be held all over the world on Monday, May 2, 2011. It will probably not get much media attention, but in the Christian world, it should get a lot of attention. It was on this date in 1611 that the King James Version of the Holy Bible came to be, and the world has never been the same.

  While there were several versions of the Bible in English already, King Jame I of England wanted one that more true, more beautiful and more accurate. He assembled a team of more than 50 biblical scholars and they set out to create a masterpiece that would span the ages.

  No matter who you are, at some point in time you've heard or read from a King James Bible. It has been the best selling "book" for hundreds of years and has placed the Word of God in the hands of the world. I cannot begin to express the comfort that this book has brought me personally, as I know it has to millions of others.

  Over the weekend, do yourself a great favor and pick up your Bible and read it. Stop and give thanks to God that we live in a country where you can own a Bible and not have to hide the fact that you read it. Celebrate that anyone can own a copy of God's Word and read it, study and hide it in ones heart. Don't take this for granted because there will come a day when being found with a copy of this Bible could cost your life.

  There's an old saying that simply fits here, "If your Bible is torn apart, your life isn't." If you're taking time to do as Paul said, and you're studying this precious book, your life will not fall apart, it will grow and will be showered with blessings. King David said, "Thy word have I hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against Thee." The Bible you have in your heart, the more life you have.

  Help me, millions of others around the world, celebrate the 400th anniversary of The King James Bible.

In Christ's Service,

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Financial Storm Coming

  During a violent thunderstorm this evening, I was impressed with a word from the Lord. He had been dealing with me all day about this subject, but it has now come to be a word.

  "My little children, harken to My words and give them your attention. I am sending My messengers to warn the Church of the coming financial storm. There will soon come a time of great financial distress that will touch all the earth in ways that no one has ever dreamt of. This financial storm will all previous difficulties seem like nothing.

  I am sending forth the warning through My many messengers to warn you, to implore you to harken to the teachings in My Word, to listen to those who are willing to hear My words and teach My little children. It is necessary that you begin to plant your financial seeds now, and continually. My children, you must come to Me with your tithe, and your offerings. You must come back to the covenant of My blessing by bringing all tithe to My house. By bringing your tithe to My house, you are building a wall of financial protection around your house.

  Have I not given you the promise of my provision in My Word? Did not My prophet Malachi write My words for you to see. Try Me now and see if I am not God. Bring all your tithe to My house that there might be meat in My house. If you will harken unto My words, I will rebuke Satan, I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes. If you will bring Me the tithe, which is mine already, I will bless you, prosper you and will be able to protect and provide for you when this storm comes upon the earth.

  Harken to My words, if you will not harken to this warning, if you will not plant the seeds of your faithfulness, I will not be able to cover you in this storm. If you are not in covenant with me, if you continue to steal from Me, I will not be able to protect your finances nor will I be able to bless you. As long as this world exists, there will be seed time and harvest. Thus saith the Lord of host, plant your seed while you still can and harken to the words of My prophets and my ministers; I am sending My word forth through them so that you can be prepared for this time.

  Those who are not in covenant with Me, they shall see a time of great distress, of great peril and a time when they shall not be able to purchase food, not be able to meet their needs. But My children, who are faithful and who call upon My name, those shall be blessed and the world shall know through them, that I am God."

  Look, you can do what you want to do and you can just sit there and do nothing; but God is sending the warning to His children who have not been faithful tithers to start being faithful. God will either bless that 90% that is left over, or He will allow it to be cursed because of disobedience. God doesn't need your money, what He needs is your faithfulness to the covenant that was made to our fathers. What He is wanting is for us to obey His word and to be faithful in doing so. If we are faithful, God will be faithful. God doesn't break covenant, but very often we do and for all the wrong reasons.

  I beg of you, don't ignore this message from God. Pray and ask Him to reveal to you what He has for you. Gather up your tithe and make sure you place it in your local congregation, your local church. God will note your faithfulness and He will then be able to bless you because you've been faithful. The choice is your, I pray you make the wise choice.

God bless you and keep you,


Thursday, April 21, 2011


  This is one of the most important holidays on both the Jewish and Christian calendars. What I'm seeing around the net, as well as in churches and stores, is man literally moving the true meaning of this Festival of God into a secular holiday. This is NOT a secular holiday and we should not allow it to be one. This is a high holy day and is the foundation of the Christian faith.

  In the Jewish community, they will be remembering how God delivered them from Egyptian bondage and sent them on their way to the land of their father's. They celebrate being delivered from 400 years of slavery, bondage and being forced to live in poverty. For Christians, we celebrate the same thing, but we also celebrate the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  Every religious leader that's ever walked the earth has died. Their tombs or graves are tourist attractions and can be visited by people any day one wants. But there is a tomb in Jerusalem where people go to see the place where the greatest religious of all time once laid. I say once laid because He's not there anymore. Jesus was laid to rest in a borrowed tomb  and on the third day He rose out of that grave with the keys to death, hell and the grave in His hand. He's not there any longer, Jesus is at the right hand of God in Heaven.

  This feast is not about Easter egg hunts, it isn't about candy, sweets or baby chicks; this feast is about being released from slavery and the RISEN Christ, the KING of kings and the LORD of lords. We need to be remembering what Christ did for us and leave that junk of the secular world on the store shelf. We need to come back to the true celebration, the true meaning of Passover... His name is JESUS!

God bless you and, Happy Passover,


Monday, April 18, 2011

Put Your House In Order

  I feel like the Lord would have me tell you this and please, pray and ask God to reveal what He wants you to hear from this.

1. The time of man made religion and man made traditions has come to an end. God never intended for His children to be separated by these traditions that have no foundation in the Word. God wants all of us to extend our hand of friendship, love and peace to our brethren of all Christian faiths. He wants us to unite in love, holding to the message that Jesus saves and go out to win souls as a united people.

2. God wants His children to pray more and to get deeper into Bible study and praise time. We've got to make sure our spiritual house is in order and that we are fully in covenant with God our Father. The day will soon come when the final decline of man's system of government will begin and there will be no stopping it when it does. We have now reached the point of NO RETURN and things are going to begin to move faster. People, please listen to me and put your spiritual house in order, witness to your family and friends who are saved because we are almost out of here.

3. The final thing God wants me to tell you is to guard your heart, your mind, your eyes and your ears. Pump as much Bible as you can into your system, pray without ceasing and if you're having trouble with any sort of sin, pray for deliverance and give it to God. There is no time to play games or to be allowing yourself to fall into Satan's traps. Know the word, stand on the word and pray the word.

  God bless you and thank you for continuing to pray for me and this ministry. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for all those who are lost.



Saturday, April 16, 2011


  Today is Saturday, April 16, 2011 and there has been a great shift in the Spirit. There has been a great stirring in the spirit world and the Lord has spoken to me and a couple of my friends who move in the prophetic. You need to hear this, pray about it and move on what God tells you.

1. During this Holy Week of Passover, God will be speaking to His prophets and to many of His children who move in the prophetic arena. We all know about prophets and how God speaks to them and then they relay that information to us. There are also Christian men and women who move in the prophetic arena, people who will listen to the Lord and speak what they're told. These folks don't claim to prophets, but they do hear from the Lord.

2. I feel led to advise all Christians to get their personal house in order in the spirit. Be sure you're praying daily, seeking God's will daily and that your sowing spiritual seeds, particularly in the area of finance. If you've become slack in your tithing and in your offerings, you had better make it right with God and begin re-establishing your faithfulness in this area. There is coming a financial storm that will cause anyone not operating in faith, anyone not in covenant with God to starve. God will bless His faithful children and they will have all they need because of their faithfulness.

3. Get to your local warehouse food store and start stocking up on food items that will sit for a few months. Buy canned meats, veggies and vitamins. Go and get yourself a first kit, bottled water to drink. Buy some water cans to flush your toilet and to bathe with and use the bottled water for cooking and drinking. Get a generator and several cans of gas and store this stuff NOW. Don't put this off for any reason. You need to have enough food stored to feed your family for 4 to 6 months. I don't care if you think I'm nuts, I don't care if you don't think you can afford it... you can't afford not to listen to me. There is something about to happen where there will be a food shortage for a period of time. Prepare for the coming storm NOW while you can.

It's a known fact that when a disaster happens, the shelves in the grocery stores are empty in 24 to 48 hours. Make your list and get stocked up now while you can. Food, water, gas, batteries, a non-battery radio would be a good idea, first aid kit and some kind of cooking stove or fire pit and wood. Be ready, God will speak to your heart and explain in a way you will understand.

  I don't mean to be the one to give you bad news, but God seems to be using me to spread this message to anyone and everyone who will listen. No, I'm not some crazy dooms day preacher, but I am someone who will tell you the truth and will deliver the word God gives me when many will sit on it for fear of being labeled a crazy man. I'd a whole lot rather wear that label than and warn people, than to keep my mouth shut and friends starve that I could've warned.

  Folks, we're living in the last days and there will be many people who will begin to give you words. Listen to the men and women you have found to be really speaking on behalf of the Lord. Listen to the prophetic words being spoken by men and women you know are real. Again, the Lord has spoken to several people I know today, each of us feeling a massive shift in the spirit world within a couple hours of each other. God will be speaking this week, please listen and obey when He speaks to yours.

Shalom, and God bless,



  In the wee hours of Friday, April 15, 2011, the Lord began to speak to me about a coming storm that will rock the world. As He spoke to me I began to see many pieces falling into place and began to feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit coming into the room. I picked up my pen and began to jot down the message and search the scriptures for the verses God was laying on my heart.

  In this blog, I'm going to give the brief overview of what I was told. Should you like to hear the full message, please go to my Internet radio program like and listen to the message. Again, this is only a brief overview of what God gave me.

  There is coming a financial storm in America that will stretch around the world. This financial storm will lay the final pieces of the foundation that will carry the nations of the world out of their present financial system and into the Antichrist system that will rule the world, under the Mark of the Beast, for three and one half years. This will be the system forced on the world by the world dictator referred to in the Bible as the Antichrist.

  God is speaking to many preachers and teacher who are open to hearing the prophetic word of God as He speaks to them. I am not the only one God is speaking to about this, I'm not the only one who has come out with a similar message to the church and the world. With so many ministers saying the same thing, people would do well to pay attention and, in your personal time of prayer, I'd be asking God to reveal His personal message to me. Here is what God spoke to me for you.

  The Christian Church must repent in sincerity and totality. There are a lot of people out there who wear the Christian name like I wear Wrangler on my jeans. They aren't true Christians, they don't attend church, they don't pray, they don't live a life that looks anything like what the Bible says a Christian should look like. We've got to spend time in prayer and I don't mean 2 minutes and get up. We have got to repent and live our lives, in love, for God. See Revelation 2:5

  Second, we've got to come back to covenant with God. God has never broken covenant, but we've broken it so many times that it looks like a broken glass. We have got to get back into covenant with God because, anyone who is out of covenant with God cannot be blessed of God. This is a financial storm coming so, Christians need to get back into the covenant and that starts with making sure that we are tithing as God commands. Tithing is so important and it is the foundation to God's blessing on His people.

  Let me explain this very simply and, for those of you who want to read it, you can find it in Malachi 3:7-12. When a person doesn't return the tithe to God, according to God, that person is a thief. If a person does not take their tithe to their church, they are stealing from God. As a thief, a person is not in covenant with God, is sinning and therefore, their prayers will not be heard by God. Exodus 20:15 clearly says "Thou shalt not steal" so, it would seem really simple that to steal would be a sin.

  According to the scriptures in Malachi 3, God states that people steal from Him when they don't bring the tithe to His storehouse so that there is meat in His house. Now, you need to understand this very clearly: God doesn't need your money, He needs your obedience. It isn't about the money, it's about our submitting to God and doing as He requires. When a person tithes that 10% to God through the local church/congregation, He will bless the remaining 90% so that it will go father than normal. To those who tithe on a faithful and regular basis, God blesses those people and places His financial blessing on them. When you and I are obedient to the Word of God, He will bless us. God even said that He would rebuke the devourer for our sakes and that He would see to it that "neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field." This means that He will stop the devil from being able to take our blessing, from being able to cause our ability to earn a living to stop before it's time, it means that God will put a hedge of protection around you and and your finances that the world doesn't have.

  Folks, in this coming storm the world will hungry, the world will be out of work, the world will be looking for scraps of food to eat and losing everything it has because there is no money to buy food or to pay bills. Only those Christians who took God at His word and tithed, gave offerings to churches and ministries as they felt God was directing them to do; these people will be blessed with jobs, food to eat and money to pay their bills. These people who put their faith in the great God Jehovah and who trusted that He will do exactly what He said He would do; these are the ones that the world will look at with envy because they WILL be blessed.

  You've got time before the storm to get back into covenant with God if you start tithing NOW. I should add that it will not be an instantaneous reversal either. God wants to know that you're tithing because you know you should and because you love Him. He will want to see your faithfulness to continue to tithe even when it looks a little tight. My dad, who was a wonderful preacher and a faithful tither, used to preach that we can't afford not to tithe. When my dad died in 2004, after being a faithful tither all his life, never once had a past due bill, never once had a need that wasn't met, never once did we go hungry and when he died, God had blessed him so much that he was able to leave enough money for my mom that she has never had to work or worry about anything.

  Third thing is to get back to genuine praise and worship of God. We've got to make time to pray, to worship and to praise God. You and I have got to set aside time during our day just to give thanks to God for the things He's done for us and will do in the future. The Bible teaches us that God inhabits the praise of His people. So, instead of coming to God with a wish list of things we want, we should come to Him in praise and adoration. I promise you, when you begin and end your prayers with praise and heartfelt worship, God will be there. When you spend more time being thankful and worshipping Him than you do asking Him for things, I promise you that you will never have a need He won't meet. Instead of treating God like He works for us, we need to make sure we humble ourselves before Him and give Him our praise because He is the KING OF THE UNIVERSE and we are nothing. John 4:24 says "God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth."

  Last, we have got to set aside ourselves and take on the nature of God. We have to learn how to put what we want aside and to be open to what He wants. We've got to step out of our comfort zones and put on His nature, His ability to love and to do things His way all the time. I've heard a lot of people say things like "up never know what God's going to do:" well if you just read the Bible and prayed, you'd know exactly what God is going to do. If we set aside our over sized self worth, which has nearly become self idol worship, and take on His divine nature, that will never happen. Go read Hebrews 12:1-9 and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

  Look, in the grand plan of God, you and I are nothing. We can't grow one inch, we can't naturally control the color of our hair or even know the number of hairs we have, but God knows. In the grand scheme of things, we are little tiny flea-like creatures and God is as big as a mountain standing next to us. We, next to God, have the intelligence of an infant baby while God, He can calculate the planetary movement in His head. We have to get to the point that we know who we are, and know who God is. God is everything and if we will trust in Him, place our faith in Him and if we will consult Him before we make any major moves, He will bless us with His wisdom and His ability to see things more clearly. He wants us to ask Him for wisdom so He can grant it to us: that's part of His divine nature and it is also how you get closer to Him.

  The storm is coming into view and we all have to ask ourselves if we want to ride it out as winners through God's blessing, or if we want to depend on ourselves and starve. We have to make up our minds to follow God and His plan or not. I promise you, if you decide to go it alone, you will end up like a person who fell off ship in the middle of the ocean and no one knew it. You'll be out in the expanse of the ocean with no life jacket and no one there to save you. Your choice, I pray you'll make the right one and follow God and His precious Bible.Prophetic Alert radio broadcast

In Christ's Service,


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jesus Is Coming Soon

  Since June of 2010, I've been hosting an Internet Radio broadcast called Christian News Review. When God first directed me to start this radio broadcast, it was a Christian news and review program. I would cover news stories from all over the world that had some connection with the Jewish and Christian communities. Wow, things have changed so much since then.

  Today, CNR is heard every day around the world via our Internet radio voice on the BlogTalk Radio network. We've been able to help thousands of people worldwide and have even had the great pleasure of leading souls to come to know Jesus. This program has become a daily teaching broadcast where we open God's Word and teach on tough subjects that many teachers won't even touch.

  You see, a lot of churches and teachers have become "seeker friendly." The "preacher" in the pulpit refuses to teach on controversial topics like living a holy life, redemption through the blood of Christ, turning away from sin and many others. One of the things that is becoming harder and harder for many to teach on is the Rapture, the Tribulation period and other prophetic topics. This is something I'm not afraid to study, teach and preach on.

  The fact of the matter is that the long awaited return of Jesus to take the Christian church from this world is upon us. So many are not prepared for His coming and that includes many people who call themselves Christian. Jesus isn't coming for those who aren't truly Christians or those who aren't looking for His return. Jesus is going to only take those "Christians" who are truly committed to their Savior and following His teachings. My job is to teach people how to live a victorious life and how to prepare for the Rapture so that they aren't left behind.

  I will be using this blog to deliver short messages as well as prophetic words I receive from the Holy Spirit. Here you will find things that many are afraid to say because they fear not being accepted or being picked on: I'm not one of those. The truth is often found in tough sayings, in facing our faults and realizing that there is a God who loved us enough to leave us His plan for the universe, and that tiny little portion we occupy. My calling is to reveal many of those tough things, things that will often contradict popular theological and denominational dogma that just doesn't match what the Bible has to say.

  If you learn nothing else from the blogs and postings that you find here, learn this most valuable lesson that will keep your soul form hell: no matter what any man tells you, make the BIBLE your final authority on all spiritual questions. Make the Bible the final word and not what any man or church rule book says. The Bible will never fail you, NEVER!

In Christ's Service,

Dave Lillard