Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chosen Generation

  At 12:10 AM on Sunday, June 25, 2011 the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me to write this Prophetic House Call message. As most of you know, I don’t write anything that I am not one-hundred percent sure, that the Lord gave it to me. This is very much in line with other things He’s given me over the last few months and I feel that it is a wakeup call to the church and Christians everywhere.

  This is what the Lord gave me to send out to you who read this blog and, it will be put out on my radio broadcast as well.

  Speak these words to My people and warn those who are lukewarm and those who don’t believe My Son will come again. Warn and comfort with these words and speak to them with compassion and love.

  This is what the Lord God has to say to all those who will hear. The time of My Son’s coming is closer than many of you believe. Look around you at what is happening in the world. Do you not see the television news; do you not see what is happening all around you? Can you not see the fulfillment of My prophet’s words coming to pass before your eyes? No other generation has ever seen what you are seeing and yet, you sit there and ask Me for a sign? Look around you and read the words of My prophets and you will have no need for any further sign. You are the Chosen Generation!

  It is recorded in My Scriptures that when you see all these signs in a single generation, that that generation will be the generation to see the return of My Son. My beloved Israel is now a nation once more; My holy city of Jerusalem is once more the capital of My nation; the children of Israel that have been scattered among the Gentile nations are making their way to the land of their fathers; the land of Israel, which was once desolate and barren is now flourishing and sending her bounty around the world and the nations of the world are once again plotting to destroy her.

  Look at what the Scriptures have said and see that they are coming to pass in your generation! Look at what My prophets foretold and then see that these things are coming to pass in your generation. This generation is the most blessed generation since the days when My Son walked among you. This generation will be the generation that will see the gathering together of the saints, the tribulation and the Second Coming of Christ to this earth. Look around you and see. Are you blind? Are you deaf? Have you hardened your heart so much that you cannot see what is plain before your eyes? Have you allowed yourself to be drawn into another gospel so deep that you cannot be reached with the truth of My Word?

  Look before you and see what is to come next. Look to the city of Damascus and know that soon it will be no more. See how the heathen is gathering as though they were going to war against My beloved, the apple of My eye, Israel is her name and she is my betrothed. See how that Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, Arabia, Persia and Babylon are coming together as a mighty army. Look to the land of Rosh and see how they have made allegiance with the enemies of your God. See how the waves are roaring, the earth is shaking and the powers of the deep are churning. See that all I have spoken of is now coming to pass in your generation just as My Scriptures have said it would.

  Open your eyes and see, open your ears and hear what is being said by My prophets in your own day. O you who are lukewarm, you who have strayed from the truth of My Gospel and have turned your hearts to lies and deception. Come back to Me now before you are left behind. Set aside your petty differences, your theological disputes and those things that divide My church. Set aside vain debate and pointing of fingers against My ministers, My prophets and those sent in My name to teach you and warn you. Come together as My children in love for one another.

  I am the Lord your God and I am sending My servants forth to warn you and to prepare you. You are the chosen generation that will see the return of Jesus the Messiah. You are the chosen generation that was spoken of from long ago. There is no stopping this, there is no delaying this: you are the chosen generation! Come to Me while you still can and repent of your whoring, you’re trusting in another gospel and your idols. Do not wait for the tribulation to come for many of you will not be strong enough to endure that time. Turn back to Me now, for I am waiting with open arms to receive you again to Myself.

  These are the words of the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, Creator of heaven and earth. Hear My words and live.”

  More on this word from God will be discussed on my radio broadcast this coming week. You can keep up with when I will be speaking on this subject at or

  God bless you and keep you,


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Releasing The Latter Rain

  At 5:30 this evening, the Lord spoke to me and gave me this word. For some it will cause great rejoicing, for others a point of contention. These words are not my own, they came from the Throne of God and I pray that you will receive them.

   "The time has come, the Scriptures are fulfilled: as I said in My Word, the latter rain shall be great than the former, and those whom I have prepared, those who trust in Me, shall now see My hands at work.

  I am releasing now the latter rain of My Spirit on the whole world. The words of My prophet Joel (Joel chapter 2) shall come to pass in these last days. Your sons and daughters shall be saved and you will see many come to believe and trust in My Son.

  As I released My Spirit on all whose who will receive, I will also begin my judgment on those who come against My people, Israel. I will also judge those who have shed innocent blood and those who have blasphemed My holy name.

  My children will I bless and protect; those who worship Me will I cover until the day when I shall send My Son to gather them from the four corners of the earth.

  Put your faith and trust in Me, for I am the Lord God, your Father."

  Again, these are not my words, they're His words. Search the Scriptures for yourself and you will know, God is about to exp load His Spirit on this world one last time and then, those who believe and trust in Him will be going home.

Believe, Expect and Love

  I was in a bit of a quandary today. I was moments away from my Internet radio broadcast going live and I didn't have a thing to say. I had not heard from the Lord on what I was to talk about, what songs I was to play or anything else. In the past when this has happened, the Lord would often simply tell me to do a music program so, I was preparing to do that. As the clock was ticking down the final ten minutes or so, I heard that still small voice.

  My best friend gave me a Bible called "The Scriptures." I highly recommend this version of the Bible to anyone who is a serious student of the Word. This Bible is always close at hand and the Lord told me to look up 1 Corinthians 13:11-13. For many people, this is a very familiar passage, ofter called the "love passage." As I read this passage for the first time in this version, the eyes of my understanding were opened as I read the 13th verse.

  " And now belief, expectation, and love remain - these three. But the greatest of these is love."

    As I read that verse, the faith walk became so clear to me. For years I've struggled with the faith teaching and how to exercise the faith that God has placed in my being. Like so many others, I've heard a lot of faith teachers teach, but could never quite put all the pieces together in a way that made complete sense to me: those days are now OVER.

  Jesus died on the Cross to seal God's complete and total COVENANT for you and me. By doing so, Christ Jesus became the Lamb that bought back our dominion on this earth and sealed the promises of God for all those who believe in God and are Christians.

  There are a lot of people who believe there is a God, but many who don't believe IN God. Rather than just believe there is a God, we have to believe IN God. We have to look at what His Word says and take it for what it says. We have to place our trust in the fact that God will do what His Word says He will do. If you and I will step out in faith and do our part, then God is bound by His covenant, His blood covenant to do what He said He will do. We just have to believe in what He said and, believe it in our hearts.

  Next, we have to set aside the doubt and the fear, set aside the words of those who are stuck in religion and stuck in disbelief and begin to expect God to answer our prayers and petitions. We need to make our requests known, then we need to run out into the front yard and start looking down the street expecting the answer to show up. If you're praying for lost loved ones to be saved, plant your prayer and love gift to God, then start expecting that the phone will ring any moment with the news that they got saved. If your need is physical, financial, spiritual or whatever; you've got to put your faith in gear and expect God to do what He said He would do and answer your prayer.

  Lastly, we've got to love as God loves. We've got to stop talking about people, stop criticizing people and love them. We've got to stop looking down our religious noses at the lost and look at them with eyes of compassion and great love. We've got to pray for those who don't treat us right and just love them any way. When someone comes into our churches who isn't dress right or who isn't as clean as we think they should be; don't shun them in favor of someone who is dressed better or looks cleaner. We've got to go to that person and welcome them and show them the same love and respect that Jesus would show them if He were in the room.

  Let me say something that may shock some who read this. If you'll run up to a person wearing expensive clothes, a Rolex watch and driving a fine ride, but you won't turn around in your pew to offer your hand to that person who is dressed in rags or hasn't bathed, you are sinning. You're showing favoritism to rich person and rejecting the poor person. You could be rejecting a soul in need of someone to show them the way to the Lord, a soul seeking a place where they will be loved and led to the feet of Jesus. Who knows, you could rejecting an angel sent from God to test your congregation to see if they're worthy of a spiritual promotion.

  Friends, it's time we took this verse to heart and believe, expect and love more than we ever have before. It's time that we do the Word, and not just read it.

  I love you all and thanks for taking time to read this message. I hope God will use it to bless you.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Americas Warning

Warning To America – 6/2/2011
  This word came to me from the Lord this morning. It is a very serious warning to America, to the Christians of America and especially to those who don’t believe that God is about to begin pouring out His righteous indignation upon a people who have turned from Him, from His righteousness and have began chasing after idols, immorality and after things that are not of God.
  Hear the word of the LORD, ye children of America: for the LORD hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land. 
By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood. Ah sinful America, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the LORD, they have provoked the Holy One of America, the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward.”
  Dear friends, this nation has turned its back on the very One who blessed this nation and made it the greatest nation in modern history. There was once a time when nearly every American had, at the very least, a basic knowledge of the Bible, prayed daily and this nation, as a whole, believed in morality and justice. There was once a time when respect was given to ministers of the Gospel because they did not participate in the sins of this world, they wouldn’t and couldn’t be partakers of the things of this world because they stayed prayed up and walked in fear of the Lord.
  This nation has turned its back on the God that made it great. Even the Christians of this nation have become lazy and no longer seek after the things of God. There was a time when the Christians of this nation would raise the roof when they injustice, when they saw the rights that brave men and women died to protect being violated. Ladies and gentlemen, there was a time when the Christians of this land would’ve run the very people now in control out of town on a rail: but those days seem to have passed.
  God is very displeased with His children who sit in judgment of those who dare to preach and teach the Word of God in its fullness and truth. Rather than flocking to hear a man or woman of God deliver a message, we’d rather sit at home and cheer on our favorite sports team and leave the house of God unattended. We’ll plop down $500 to buy a ticket to see the Super Bowl, but when the pastor stands and asks for help to meet the expenses of the church, we’re only willing to lay out a couple bucks because we don’t feel like we can afford much.
  Rather than pray for immoral businesses to close in our cities, we do nothing to stop them from opening. Rather than condemn judges who claim it’s illegal or unconstitutional to have prayer at a graduation, we sit idle and allow these judicial dictators to abandon the Constitution in favor of the small minority of atheist and agnostics who seemingly are getting their way at nearly every turn.
  We have a president who is illegitimate, who is doing all he can to alienate the Israelis and is trying to force them to give up land that their people bled and died to recover. He’s actually suggesting that the people of Israel give up a portion of their nation’s capital to a people who have sworn to kill as many Jews as they can and a people who refuse to recognize the Jewish state at all. Obama wants to force Israel to give up land that they have owned for thousands of years to a people who care nothing about the land.
  This nation is going downhill quickly. We have an entire generation of young people who know nothing about God, nothing the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross and care nothing about the things of God. We have a nation full of graduates who can’t fill out a job application or even communicate on a level exceeding the fifth grade. Our youth have no morals, no biblical knowledge, no humanity and they care only about themselves. They’ve been fed a diet of historical lies by liberals who only want to take over this country and turn it into a socialist country where the citizens are totally dependent on the government for everything.
  I don’t believe that this nation, this once proud and godly nation can be saved. I believe that the prophetic clock is now at a place where America is nearing the time when she will fall to the New World Order and be placed into the hands of sinful men, but there is a glimmer of hope. I believe that if the true Christians of this nation, the ones who love God, love His Word and know how to pray, I believe if these people will stand together, we can win a few thousand souls before our voice is silenced.
  I’m begging you people, get that Bible out and read it; fall down on your knees and pray for God’s mercy to be extended to this nation one more time. I believe that we, the Christians of America, must pray for national forgiveness and ask God to send a Holy Ghost revival that will heal our churches, heal the brokenness of denominationalism and will cause us to forgive each other and to rally around the Cross of Christ as brothers and sisters, not as this group or that group: if we’ll do that, we can see one more moving of God’s Spirit on this country and then, we’ll be out of here.
  We need to put out the false prophets and false teachers from our churches. We need to clean the adulterers from our pulpits, remove the homosexual from our pulpits and leadership positions in the church and purge our ranks of those who refuse to preach truth. We need to return to God, so He will be able to save our loved ones, our children and unite us into what He always wanted – THE CHURCH.
  2 Chronicles 7:14 needs to be a Scripture that is burned on our hearts and prayed every single day. Let us humble ourselves, pray and seek God’s face so that He can heal our land once more.
  By the way, the word the Lord gave me, after He gave it to me I learned that it came from Hosea 4:1-2. He personalized it and gave it to me for America. HEY, America, are you listening? You’d better