Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Warning To False Prophets And Teachers

  This came to me this evening during a violent thunderstorm in north Texas. This word was so powerful that, while tornado sirens are screaming, and a confirmed tornado is less that two miles away, I remained at my computer in order to get it posted.

  Please, read this word and take it literally, take it to heart and should you feel like it's speaking of you, ask the Lord to show you why and then make sure you make it right. We're about to see the final move of God to put His people in place to leave this world.


  Thus said the Lord of hosts; to those who dare to use My name in your false prophecies and sayings – those of you who declare things against My holy Scriptures; those who claim to have heard Me declare things which contradict My written Word: I have have heard you, and I am sorely displeased.

  You lead the un-churched, those who do not know My Word astray – you use deceit and trickery to cause My children to err and to doubt My Word: I know who you are and soon, soon My face shall turn toward you, and My countenance shall be as one in battle with a mortal enemy. My eyes shall be as flames of fire, and I will raise My sword against you.

  Repent while there is still time. Repent before Me that I may show mercy toward you; else you shall fall before Me as wheat in the harvest time.

  You who cause many to be led into captivity, into the darkness of your false sayings and lies; you who dare use My name for personal gain, for money; surely you will soon know the day of My retribution and My righteous anger.

  Did not Cephas, Peter, wrote to you that judgment starts at the house of the Lord? Do you not know that judgment is coming on all false prophets, on those who turn from the true faith and on those who deny My Word is true? The day of My judgment is at hand.

  To those churches that no longer hold fast to My words; to those churches and to those shepards who invite sin into My house to embrace it, to accept it: Repent quickly, else I shall send My angel to take My candlestick from your midst and they too shall inscribe Ichabod on the door post of that church. Turn from filth, turn from unrighteousness and your worship of idols, else you too shall know My wrath.

  Even now the words of My Son are coming to pass. Signs and wonders are being shown in the earth just as He said they would happen. He that hath an ear, let him hear. He that hath eyes to see spiritual things, let him see what the Lord has done and shall do.

  Study My Word, little children, so you may know the truth that will set you free and will keep you free. Remove yourselves from those who no longer hold to the true faith of My Word. Remove yourselves and remain hidden in My Word, in My holy Scriptures.

  The Lord God of Israel has spoken. The end is near, heed My words."

  God is setting things up for His final move. I believe that, for a little while, He is going to move many false teachers and prophets to the side in order to promote those who are teaching His true message. I believe God is speaking to many people who will be putting out very similar messages.

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