Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spiritually Ignorant

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." Hosea 4:6
This is an urgent message from the Lord God Jehovah. These are not my words, they are His.

  " My little children, the time of the end has come, and My heart is grieved as I look to see so many who claim to be Mine, who know so little of My Word. I see so many who are walking around in a fog because they have no real knowledge of Me or My Word. They are being led into captivity, they are hearing false teachers and believing their soft words, their comforting words and accepting them over what is written in My Word, what it written in the pages of the Holy Bible.

  Have not My prophets warned of this day? Have not my messengers, my true teachers warned that the day would come when people would believe the lie and depart from the truth? I am calling to you, I am calling to you who call yourselves by My name to stop believing the lies and to come back to Me. Lay aside the things that keep you from spending time with Me in prayer; lay aside the things that are keeping you from opening My Word and reading what is there for you. My words are there to give you instruction, to give you weapons to fight spiritual battles and my words are there to give you the knowledge that will save your soul from hell.

  Why do you run from the truth? My Son walked among you and taught you well. He warned you that you should let no man deceive you (Matthew 24:4) yet, you believe the smooth words of man and have departed from the truth. Come back to Me and I will forgive you and will raise you up. Come back to Me in times of intimate prayer, in times of study and I will give you strength to fight the evils of this world's system and its deception. Do not from Me, but rather run to Me.

  The day is soon to come when the powers of darkness will overtake this world and many will be led into the pits of hell itself. The day is soon coming when the evil one will be loosed and will draw many away from the truth. Seek the truth of My Word while there is still time. Do not allow the doctrines of men and the smooth words of false teachers pull away from My truth. Come back to Me and I will renew your mind, you spirit with My truth.

  Hear the voice of the Lord of hosts: seek My face in prayer, in praise and in times of study so that you are not led into captivity, so that you are not destroyed by the lies of Satan. Hear now the words of the Lord, for they are good."

  Beloved, we live in a day when truth has been set aside for lies. When live in the day when people lie for the sake of lying and even in the church this has sadly become so. We are living in the final moments of this age and there is a push to pull even the elect into darkness. There are false teachers and preacher spewing all kinds of lies and even going so far as to call God's Word (the Bible) outdated and out of step. It isn't the Bible that's out of step, it's man. God's Word will give you all the ammunition you need to fight these spiritual battles and to win. God's Word will renew your mind and will give you the truth so that, when you hear a lie or someone twisting the Word to fit an immoral or impure lifestyle, you can be prompted by the Holy Spirit and will know not to believe them.

  I'm begging of you, heed this word and return to God. Come back and make the time to pray and to read that precious Bible. Don't allow yourself to suckered into something that is totally against what God said is right or to be swept away by some fake emotional device of men. Study that Bible!

  Make time to be with God. Turn off that television, turn off that iPod, shut down that computer and that telephone and find a quiet place to lay before the Lord and to just talk to Him. Being a Christian isn't about religion, it's about relationship. You build a relationship by talking to someone and reading the letters they send to you. Well, God is waiting for your call and He's given us His love letter, it's called the Bible. Always remember, "if your Bible is torn apart, your life isn't."

In Christ's Service,


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  1. "Wisdom calls aloud in the street, she raises her voice in the public squares;" (Proverbs 1:20). I realized that the woman in my dream was the spirit of Wisdom. I have found that reading the bible on my own and with others that there are verses of scripture that I have never ever heard from any church that I had gone to when I was younger. I have discovered that salvation can absolutely be lost if one does not continue in the teachings of Christ. I feel that many so called Christians are unaware of reality due to lack of staying in God's word. I really appreciate your blog and look forward to reading your posts! God speed my friend!