Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jesus Is Coming Soon

  Since June of 2010, I've been hosting an Internet Radio broadcast called Christian News Review. When God first directed me to start this radio broadcast, it was a Christian news and review program. I would cover news stories from all over the world that had some connection with the Jewish and Christian communities. Wow, things have changed so much since then.

  Today, CNR is heard every day around the world via our Internet radio voice on the BlogTalk Radio network. We've been able to help thousands of people worldwide and have even had the great pleasure of leading souls to come to know Jesus. This program has become a daily teaching broadcast where we open God's Word and teach on tough subjects that many teachers won't even touch.

  You see, a lot of churches and teachers have become "seeker friendly." The "preacher" in the pulpit refuses to teach on controversial topics like living a holy life, redemption through the blood of Christ, turning away from sin and many others. One of the things that is becoming harder and harder for many to teach on is the Rapture, the Tribulation period and other prophetic topics. This is something I'm not afraid to study, teach and preach on.

  The fact of the matter is that the long awaited return of Jesus to take the Christian church from this world is upon us. So many are not prepared for His coming and that includes many people who call themselves Christian. Jesus isn't coming for those who aren't truly Christians or those who aren't looking for His return. Jesus is going to only take those "Christians" who are truly committed to their Savior and following His teachings. My job is to teach people how to live a victorious life and how to prepare for the Rapture so that they aren't left behind.

  I will be using this blog to deliver short messages as well as prophetic words I receive from the Holy Spirit. Here you will find things that many are afraid to say because they fear not being accepted or being picked on: I'm not one of those. The truth is often found in tough sayings, in facing our faults and realizing that there is a God who loved us enough to leave us His plan for the universe, and that tiny little portion we occupy. My calling is to reveal many of those tough things, things that will often contradict popular theological and denominational dogma that just doesn't match what the Bible has to say.

  If you learn nothing else from the blogs and postings that you find here, learn this most valuable lesson that will keep your soul form hell: no matter what any man tells you, make the BIBLE your final authority on all spiritual questions. Make the Bible the final word and not what any man or church rule book says. The Bible will never fail you, NEVER!

In Christ's Service,

Dave Lillard

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