Sunday, April 24, 2011

Financial Storm Coming

  During a violent thunderstorm this evening, I was impressed with a word from the Lord. He had been dealing with me all day about this subject, but it has now come to be a word.

  "My little children, harken to My words and give them your attention. I am sending My messengers to warn the Church of the coming financial storm. There will soon come a time of great financial distress that will touch all the earth in ways that no one has ever dreamt of. This financial storm will all previous difficulties seem like nothing.

  I am sending forth the warning through My many messengers to warn you, to implore you to harken to the teachings in My Word, to listen to those who are willing to hear My words and teach My little children. It is necessary that you begin to plant your financial seeds now, and continually. My children, you must come to Me with your tithe, and your offerings. You must come back to the covenant of My blessing by bringing all tithe to My house. By bringing your tithe to My house, you are building a wall of financial protection around your house.

  Have I not given you the promise of my provision in My Word? Did not My prophet Malachi write My words for you to see. Try Me now and see if I am not God. Bring all your tithe to My house that there might be meat in My house. If you will harken unto My words, I will rebuke Satan, I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes. If you will bring Me the tithe, which is mine already, I will bless you, prosper you and will be able to protect and provide for you when this storm comes upon the earth.

  Harken to My words, if you will not harken to this warning, if you will not plant the seeds of your faithfulness, I will not be able to cover you in this storm. If you are not in covenant with me, if you continue to steal from Me, I will not be able to protect your finances nor will I be able to bless you. As long as this world exists, there will be seed time and harvest. Thus saith the Lord of host, plant your seed while you still can and harken to the words of My prophets and my ministers; I am sending My word forth through them so that you can be prepared for this time.

  Those who are not in covenant with Me, they shall see a time of great distress, of great peril and a time when they shall not be able to purchase food, not be able to meet their needs. But My children, who are faithful and who call upon My name, those shall be blessed and the world shall know through them, that I am God."

  Look, you can do what you want to do and you can just sit there and do nothing; but God is sending the warning to His children who have not been faithful tithers to start being faithful. God will either bless that 90% that is left over, or He will allow it to be cursed because of disobedience. God doesn't need your money, what He needs is your faithfulness to the covenant that was made to our fathers. What He is wanting is for us to obey His word and to be faithful in doing so. If we are faithful, God will be faithful. God doesn't break covenant, but very often we do and for all the wrong reasons.

  I beg of you, don't ignore this message from God. Pray and ask Him to reveal to you what He has for you. Gather up your tithe and make sure you place it in your local congregation, your local church. God will note your faithfulness and He will then be able to bless you because you've been faithful. The choice is your, I pray you make the wise choice.

God bless you and keep you,



  1. Dave, this prophecy speaks to me as I am in the tech/banking sector. Interpreting storehouse to be the church, if one does not have a home church, or a church being attended regularly until they find one, then does tithing to a ministry still count as the Lord's storehouse? Appreciate the feedback.


  2. That is a very good question. Yes, if you don't currently have a home church, tithing to a ministry would be wonderful. Be sure to pray and ask God which one HE wants you to tithe to. Once you have a home church, tithe will go there and offerings can be distributed to ministries as God leads.

    Thanks for the comment and the question. God bless you.