Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary KJV Bible

  One of the most important celebrations this year will be held all over the world on Monday, May 2, 2011. It will probably not get much media attention, but in the Christian world, it should get a lot of attention. It was on this date in 1611 that the King James Version of the Holy Bible came to be, and the world has never been the same.

  While there were several versions of the Bible in English already, King Jame I of England wanted one that more true, more beautiful and more accurate. He assembled a team of more than 50 biblical scholars and they set out to create a masterpiece that would span the ages.

  No matter who you are, at some point in time you've heard or read from a King James Bible. It has been the best selling "book" for hundreds of years and has placed the Word of God in the hands of the world. I cannot begin to express the comfort that this book has brought me personally, as I know it has to millions of others.

  Over the weekend, do yourself a great favor and pick up your Bible and read it. Stop and give thanks to God that we live in a country where you can own a Bible and not have to hide the fact that you read it. Celebrate that anyone can own a copy of God's Word and read it, study and hide it in ones heart. Don't take this for granted because there will come a day when being found with a copy of this Bible could cost your life.

  There's an old saying that simply fits here, "If your Bible is torn apart, your life isn't." If you're taking time to do as Paul said, and you're studying this precious book, your life will not fall apart, it will grow and will be showered with blessings. King David said, "Thy word have I hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against Thee." The Bible you have in your heart, the more life you have.

  Help me, millions of others around the world, celebrate the 400th anniversary of The King James Bible.

In Christ's Service,

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