Monday, April 18, 2011

Put Your House In Order

  I feel like the Lord would have me tell you this and please, pray and ask God to reveal what He wants you to hear from this.

1. The time of man made religion and man made traditions has come to an end. God never intended for His children to be separated by these traditions that have no foundation in the Word. God wants all of us to extend our hand of friendship, love and peace to our brethren of all Christian faiths. He wants us to unite in love, holding to the message that Jesus saves and go out to win souls as a united people.

2. God wants His children to pray more and to get deeper into Bible study and praise time. We've got to make sure our spiritual house is in order and that we are fully in covenant with God our Father. The day will soon come when the final decline of man's system of government will begin and there will be no stopping it when it does. We have now reached the point of NO RETURN and things are going to begin to move faster. People, please listen to me and put your spiritual house in order, witness to your family and friends who are saved because we are almost out of here.

3. The final thing God wants me to tell you is to guard your heart, your mind, your eyes and your ears. Pump as much Bible as you can into your system, pray without ceasing and if you're having trouble with any sort of sin, pray for deliverance and give it to God. There is no time to play games or to be allowing yourself to fall into Satan's traps. Know the word, stand on the word and pray the word.

  God bless you and thank you for continuing to pray for me and this ministry. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for all those who are lost.



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