Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Date With Destiny

  I don't care who you are or how good you may be, we all have a date with destiny. It's a date that none of us can avoid, but it is one that we can prepare for. You see, according to the Bible (Hebrews 9:27) we all have an appointment with death, and after that: judgment. This isn't some fairytale or some story some old guy made up to scare people; this is an unavoidable fact. One second we're alive on this earth and the next, we're facing eternity.

  The question all of us have to answer is this: where are you planning and preparing to spend eternity? have you made up your mind where you're going? This is such an important decision that God wont even make it for you. This is a decision that you have to make for yourself and you also have to plan for it. No one is going to make it for you, no one can and, if you decide not to make the choice now... you're going to wish you had.

  There are only two choice any of us can make and here they are. We can choose to do nothing and live life our own way. You may get away with this for a while, but it will catch up to you when you die. Live life on your own terms, your own way and that's the same as slapping God in the face. This will land your soul in a place you don't want to go and, it's a place you were never intended to go to: HELL. Yes, despite what any guru ever told you, Hell is a literal place and its everything the Bible said it is.

  Hell was created for the devil and those angels that decided to follow him in making war against God. It didn't work so good for them and they all got kicked out of Heaven. God had to create a place worthy of a being, a created being that thought he could defeat the Creator so, God created Hell. Hell is the home of the Lake of Fire, the souls that rejected God's love gift and all the demons, devils, witches and souls that decided not to get saved. This is a place where you find nothing but weeping, wailing, sorrow and souls crying out in anguish day and night with no end. Hell is in the center of the earth and there's nothing cool or good about it.

  For those people who don't accept Jesus as Lord and Savior... this will be their eternal home. The worst part about Hell isn't the darkness, it isn't the heat and it isn't living for eternity with the devil. The worst part about Hell is the separation from being able to feel God's presence. Yes, those souls in Hell can't feel God.

  Jesus came to this earth for one reason and one reason only; to become the sacrificial Lamb that would buy back what Adam lost in the Garden of Eden. When Adam sinned, he gave up his authority, his dominion and his relationship with God. He have up the most precious thing God could ever give man and, he allowed sin to enter what was a perfect place. This brought on God's curse and now, all people are born with a sin nature instead of a God nature.

  From the time of Adam, until Christ was crucified, an animal sacrifice would cover man's sin from one year to the next. It couldn't grant total forgiveness, but it would buy man time. When Christ came and died on the Cross, He paid the debt He didn't owe and the debt that you and I could never pay. He became a human so that He could die, go to Hell and defeat the devil once and for all. This made it possible for us to be able to go to God directly and ask Him to forgive us. There's a verse in the Bible that says "while we were yet sinners, Christ died so we might live."

  It doesn't matter how morale you are, how good you are or how much money you give to charity; the only thing that matters is whether or not you believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that He died to pay for your sin and that He rose on the third day. That you've humbled yourself and asked God to save your soul and that you've turned your back on sin, Satan and all the things that will cause you to lose your relationship with God. Folks, I'm not here to talk about religion or joining some church, I'm here to talk about a one on one relationship with God and Jesus.

  Look, we all have a date with destiny and it isn't something we can put off or wait until the last second to get ready for. We don't know when we're going to die. You could be driving home from work tomorrow, walking through your neighborhood market or be sitting in your living room watching TV and suddenly die. The moment, the very second your body ceases to work, your soul leaves your body and goes to the place you've chosen for all eternity. There isn't a day off, there is no escape and there is no parole. Which ever place your soul goes to, its there forever. You're the one who make a choice, and it needs to be the right one.

  I'm asking, I'm begging you; don't put this off. Don't think for one minute that you can do this at the last minute because, you may not have a chance when your time comes. You may not be able to ask forgiveness when your date with destiny comes around. You could be killed in an accident, die of a heart attack or be the victim of a terrorist: we just don't know when or where we're going to die or be killed. Are you really willing to risk everything on a maybe? Are you going to gamble your eternal destination on a hunch or what some dude thinks when the facts are real? I know for a fact that if any of the souls in Hell could come back and talk to you, they'd all say the same thing; "man you do not want to ever see what's in Hell and yes, it is VERY real."

  Jesus paid your debt with His life. He gave His all for you and all He wants, is for you to love Him back. Just believe that He is the Son of God, that He died for you and that on the third day He came out of that tomb alive and well. Then, just ask Him to forgive you and to set your soul free. He's waiting to hear your prayer, please don't disappoint Him.

  Once you've prayed that prayer, find a local church and ask the pastor to help you get started as a new Christian. He'll help you take your first steps and help you become a strong Christian, a cool Christian and someone who will be able to help others find Christ before, their date with destiny.

God bless you,


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