Thursday, September 22, 2011

To False Watchmen

  On my Internet Radio program today, I delivered a message to false "Watchmen On The Wall" from the great God Almighty. The Lord gave me this message earlier in the week and, because of its nature, I wrestled with it several days before delivering it. I wanted to make sure that this message was coming from God before I delivered it to the world.

  We're living in a day when there are a great many claiming to be watchmen on the wall and they're attacking ministers and ministry's left and right. This isn't right, it isn't biblical and it's just flat out wrong. To openly rebuke a brother or sister, especially when the only reason is a dispute in doctrinal opinion, it just wrong; and to do it while claiming God told you to do it... that would be SIN.

  Here's the message God gave me for those who falsely claim to be watchmen on the wall.
  "To those who falsely call themselves "watchmen on the wall." You who claim to be called by God to expose false teachers and preachers: know that the Lord God of Israel is watching you. Is it not written in My Word, touch not mine anointed, and do My prophets no harm?" Yet you speak evil of those I have called, you falsely make accusation against My true ministers.

  Thus says the Lord of host, I am watching you and your deeds are being recorded. Therefore you need to repent of your wrong before Me. Repent of your evil ways and stop making false accusations against my ministers.

  I am the God of Creation and I know those I have called and what I have called the to. I know who are My true ministers and those who are not. I will expose those who are false ministers and I will deal with them Myself."

  As the Lord gave me this, He reminded me that there is a prescribed method to deal with brethren who have erred in their belief and doctrinal stance; there is a way that God wants us to use when dealing with situations like this and it does not include openly rebuking people on television, radio or Internet. Openly attacking a person does more harm than good.

  Most of the people we see claiming to be "watchmen" are self called and they attack people with whom they disagree, not because that person is wrong, just because they disagree. It's also important to note that Satan is the one who falsely accuses the brethren, so anyone who is assisting in making false or misleading accusations is working with the devil, not God.

  If you've got a problem with a fellow Christian, take it to them in love and try to work it out. If they won't listen to you, take witnesses and try again and, finally, if they won't hear you; take it before the church through the pastor. This is God's way of dealing with internal problems within the Body of Christ.

James 4:10-12
I Chronicles 16:22

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