Monday, September 5, 2011

Why Don't You Post As Much As Others?

  This seems to be a question I'm asked every now and then so, I decided to post a little blog on this subject for those who follow me here.
  I don't post as often as some because I only post when I feel God speaking a word for me to post or something touches me and I feel like I want to share this. As a minister of the Gospel of Christ I have a responsibility not to post things that don't come directly from God. I refuse to make things up or listen to "voices" that aren't the voice of my God and King.

  As I've read some of the posts from some so-called "prophetic voices," I've been struck with how generic, non-specific and vague most are. They have no real message or follow any train of thought that even resembles something God would say. A lot of these "words" are coming directly from the minds of people who want to be prophetic, want to have a ministry, want people to believe in what they have to say and they prey of the biblically ignorant and the untrained reader. This is dangerous for the reader and especially for the writer who will be held accountable for everything they claimed came from God, but didn't.

  Please know that when God gives me a word that He wants me to write about or publish I will. Also please note that when something happens that I feel an urgency to write about, I'll do that as well. I just don't want to be posting things that are not ordained of God or that don't have a significant meaning.

  I hope you're all well and that the Lord is blessing you richly. There will be some posts coming in the next few days regarding prophecy in the news and the upcoming Rosh Hashanah Feast. I'm also praying about posting something for 9-11, but haven't felt a release from God yet on this.

Blessings, peace and much love,


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