Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An End Time Scenario

  As I've been looking at all the news pouring out of the Middle East, New York and Israel I'm faced with the fact that Bible prophecy is coming to pass faster than ever before. We're seeing the foundation for the beginning of the end coming together at light speed. We're seeing the Muslim nations, all of which are mentioned in the end time prophecies, banding together and threatening war with Israel and the United States should the Palestinian Authority not be granted statehood by the United Nations.

  The time has come for all of us to make sure that our souls are right with God. We need to make sure that we're right, and that we're sounding the alarm to our unsaved family and friends. We, as Christians, must take this very seriously and not waste a moments time. Yes, while all the signs indicated that Jesus could very easily come back during the season of Rosh Hashanah, there is also a chance He won't. The beautiful thing here is this; even if Christ doesn't come back at the end of this month, we all need to be saved because, the signs say it won't be long. There can be no mistake, Jesus is coming VERY soon.

 As I'm looking at the news coming out from the Middle East and the United Nations, I've been dealing with thoughts and feelings in my spirit. With the Palestinian National Authority trying to force a statehood vote in the United Nations this week, and their threat to go to war if they don't get what they're seeking, I'd like to put forth a scenario that could very easily present itself as this week unfolds. This scenario could very easily happen and the sad fact is, it just might.

1. The vote for the Palestinian Authority statehood fails in the United Nations;
2. Failure send the Muslim's into the streets of East Jerusalem and an armed conflict explodes;
3. The Palestinian Authority calls on all Muslim nations in the region to come to the aide of their "brothers" and attack Israel. This puts the entire region into a war footing where thousands are wounded and killed;
4. The Hamas terrorist group in Damascus launches a chemical and or biological attack on Northern Israel and the West Bank. This attack results in hundreds, perhaps thousands of wounded and dead. Israel would then be forced to counter-attack and they would wipe Damascus off the face of the earth; thus fulfilling the prophecy found in Isaiah 17;
5. Damascus gone, the Arab/Muslim world would thus be out of control and wanting a Jewish blood bath. Russia, who is now Iran's greatest ally, would step in and muster all the Muslim nations together for war. They would select a location near Jerusalem to gather this massive army together and prepare the attack. The only perfect place in Israel, the only location big enough to hold an army the size of what would be coming, is the Jezreal Valley. This location is also known as Armageddon;
6. We would the see Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39 come to pass as God comes down to defend the apple of His eye, Israel. Five out of six attackers will be killed in this battle as God let's the world know, He is God and Israel is His;
7. As soon as the smoke begins to clear, a Muslim man will emerge claiming to have a peace plan that will give everyone what they want. The Palestinian's would have their state, Israel would have their Temple and peace would be brought to the region. The parties will meet immediately, probably in Jerusalem and in a very short period of time, news will come that a seven year peace agreement has been reached and will be signed quickly;
8. While this is taking place, at some point near Rosh Hashanah, the world suddenly finds itself dealing with millions of missing people. All over the world millions of people are suddenly missing and the missing have one thing in common: no matter where these people are, the missing are Christians. While peace is reached in the Middle East, the world is trying to explain why all these people are missing;

  At the moment the first signature is affixed to this seven year peace treaty, the Tribulation Period will begin. The Muslim man who brokers this peace deal is the Antichrist of the Bible. This is the one who will soon become the world dictator and the one who will kill millions of Christian's and will bring about the Mark of The Beast, 666.

  Yes, I do believe that this could be the year that Christ will return for His bride, the church. Yes, I do believe that Rosh Hashanah (The Feast of Trumpets) is the most likely time of His returning. My main concern is that there are so many who have not accepted Jesus as their Savior and, there are so many who are lukewarm Christians and needing to rededicate their lives to God. Folks, there is a very good chance that Jesus could return in the coming days. We all need to make sure that our souls are right with God, that we warn our family and friends and that we do all we can to spread the word and sound the alarm.

  My greatest desire, my greatest prayer is that we all will begin sounding the alarm and win as many souls to Christ as we can. Come on, let's put our theological and doctrinal differences aside and band together as the Church and win souls. Come on, time is short and we need to come together as a family, as children of God and do all we can, while we can.

Blessings and peace,

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