Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Say What?

  I wasn't going to write anything about this, but I can't keep it inside of me any longer. Someone sent me a YouTube video of a woman trying to declare that there's no need to read or study the Bible. She tried to assert that people who claim that Bible study are simply religious zealots and trying to frighten people.

  This is another example of someone speaking who shouldn't. Another example of someone who isn't in tune with God and does not have understanding that only comes from a real experience with the Father.

  Prayer and Bible study are very important to our daily walk with the Lord. Paul wrote that we should study to show ourselves approved unto God, workmen that had no need to be ashamed because we could rightly explain the Word of God. King David wrote that he had hidden God's word in his heart that he might not sin against God. The Bible teaches us that the Holy Spirit would bring the Scriptures to our remembrance when we needed them, but He could never do this if we hadn't first read them, heard them, studied them and already had them in our heart and mind.

  Folks, we need daily Bible reading and study every day just as much as we need food and water to live. We need to have some quality time with God and His love letter to us so we learn how to live godly lives and are able to know when some bag of wind is teaching a lie, such as this poor misguided woman is teaching.

  Paul warn us in his second letter to Timothy that there would come a day when people would run from truth and would heap to themselves teachers who would tickle the ear, but wouldn't teach the truth of God's Word. We're living in that day and deception is growing and, sadly, its growing in the church.

  Please, dear friends, don't listen to people who tell you that you have no need for prayer or Bible study. Keep away from people who are trying to tell you that you have no need to study Gods Word for whatever reason. In Matthew the 24th Chapter, Jesus warned us and commanded us when He said, "Let no man deceive you!" Many will try to sell you a bill of goods that sound good, sound right and might even make sense... but they're still wrong. Pray and read that Bible daily; seek out a Bible church and find teachers and preachers who have the integrity to preach God's Word in all its power and fullness.

  There's an old saying that I've come to adopt and believe in because of its simple truth. "If your Bible is torn apart, your life isn't." Remember this old saying because its full of truth.

God bless and keep you,


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