Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Resolve In 2012

The great nineteenth century preacher, Charles Spurgeon, is quoted as saying. “We shall not adjust our Bible to fit the age: but before we have done with it, by God’s grace, we shall have adjusted the age to the Bible.” Mr. Spurgeon, also known as the “people’s preacher,” could not have been more correct.

  In this modern age in which we’re now living, so many denominations, preachers and common people are trying to rewrite the pages of God’s Holy Bible. They are trying to claim that the Bible is outdated and has not kept up with the times. I beg to differ with those who say this. The Bible isn’t the one who isn’t keeping up, it is those who want to change the Bible who aren’t keeping up.

  Would any of you like to have a foundation under your house that shifts with the changing weather conditions? Would you like to have a foundation that changes with every whim of some neighbor’s fancy or desire? The obvious answer is no to both questions. Why then do you want a moral and spiritual foundation that can be changed to fit the whims of men?

  The Holy Bible has been the unchanging moral and spiritual foundation of man for thousands of years. Its clear message of morality, its clear message of social justice has rang clear and in no need of adjustment since the foundations of the earth. What creation dares to tell the Creator that He’s made some error in His work? Who are we to tell the King of the universe how to rule and reign in His dominion? We’ve no more right to tell the King how rule than we have to tell the sun not to rise on the morrow. It simply isn’t done.

  Religion seeks to change with the age in order to make it seem relevant. Religion, a device of men, can be changed to fit the moral decay of a generation because it seeks to use man’s reasoning, man’s knowledge and man’s pride as its measuring tool. It doesn’t take into account the Divine plan of the ages that only the Creator can change. Man’s folly is to try and create a religion that falls short of the King’s desire that all men come before Him in righteousness, in humility and with the knowledge that He alone decides man’s path.

  These religions that seek to change the Bible are wrong and they will suffer the punishment of God because they are leading souls away from the truth of God’s Word. These “preachers” and “teachers” who are trying to explain sin, trying to comfort the soul, trying to appease the masses by declaring the Bible is wrong or outdated: these are the ones who will face the anger of God if they don’t repent, and now. These who are mocking God by trying to overrule His authority, overrule the commandment of the King: these will face certain Hell if they don’t repent and come back and teach the truth.

  God isn’t a religion! God is the Creator and more importantly: HE IS KING. In a kingdom, the sovereign establishes the constitution and laws that govern their domain, their kingdom. No citizen, no matter how well meaning, can come in and change this because the word of the king is the law of the land. No citizen, no subject has the right or ability to overrule the monarch and, to attempt to do so is an act of treason.

  Jehovah is the King of the universe. Jehovah is the King by right of creation in that He created all that we know or ever will know. Because of this FACT, He alone makes the rules, the laws and has the right to write the Constitution. He has done this and seen to it that it was given to His all mankind in the book we call the Holy Bible. This is the Constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven and it cannot be altered by the hand of man, PERIOD. Anyone who attempts to do so is committing an act of treason against the King and could be subject to a sentence of death if they don’t repent.

  One last thing I’d like to add to this. Every preacher, teacher, prophet, evangelist, apostle and bishop called of God is an ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven. The very first rule of an ambassador is that he or she has no personal opinion on any subject or law that the King has included in His laws or His Constitution. IF they King has made any statement on a subject that an ambassador is questioned on, that ambassador cannot give a personal opinion on: they can only quote from the King’s Constitution or from the King’s law.

  Every “preacher” is an ambassador and therefore is not allowed to have a personal opinion on any and all subjects that His Majesty has covered. No matter how an ambassador may be pushed, may be pressured; the only answer an ambassador may give are “I don’t have a personal opinion;” and, “It is the position of His Majesty’s government that (and the quote the Constitution or law). This takes the pressure off the ambassador and places back on the King thus giving the ambassador the freedom to quote the King and leave it.

  A wise man once said that “preachers are not to be concerned with being popular, but that are to be concerned with being biblically accurate.” This is the position that all ministers should take. We aren’t called to be popular, we’re called to preach and teach the Word of God, the message of the Kingdom. We aren’t called to adjust His Majesty’s words to fit the age, we’re required to speak to the age and tell them how to measure up to the Constitution, the Word of the King.

  This isn’t easy for me to say, but this must be said. Jesus told us that the world would hate us because we speak the truth. Jesus warned us that to be popular with the world meant that we weren’t teaching and preaching His message and that of His Father, the King. No matter what the personal cost may be, no matter how unpopular it might make me; I have resolved that I no longer have a personal opinion and that I will not be concerned with being popular: I’m going to make sure that I accurately quote His Majesty. I will not chance being wrong and missing the mark that my God and King has set for me, and neither should you.

  As citizens of God’s Kingdom, our job is to be in right standing with the throne. Our job is to make sure that our lives and our answers to the social questions we’re asked match those of the King. To do any less is an illegal act and could cost our soul, and that of the poor person who asked. I would rather offend someone with the truth, than to tell them a lie that will damn their soul to Hell. What about you?

  In 2012, let’s all resolve to learn God’s Word, to be ready with an answer He would be proud of and to make sure that we remain faithful doers of the word and not just hearers. Let us all resolve to be good citizens of the Kingdom and to remain in right standing with our King.

God bless you and keep you,


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