Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Drawing A Clear Red Line

The Prime Minister of Israel once again delivered an amazing speech at the United Nation's General Assembly this year. Pointing out the tainted history of how the U.N. has so often rebuked the Jewish State for defending herself against her enemies. Rather than praise Israel for her limited response to the attacks against her from all sides; more often than not she is rebuked for defending herself against the terrorist that not only surround her, but are living in her midst.

  In his remarks, Mr. Netanyahu laid down the case for the world's governments to move beyond words, beyond the sanctions and beyond turning blind eyes and deaf ears to the Iranian nuclear weapons program. In his own eloquent manner, the Prime Minister let the world know that if a clear red line is not drawn now, Iran will continue to work on its nuclear weapons program and thus, it will be a threat to the entire world.

  The reason the United States and Russia didn't blow each other into history during the Cold War days is very simple; neither the Russians nor the Americans had a desire to be killed. Knowing that millions of people would be killed and there would be no way to come back from the destruction caused by mutual nuclear animation, neither country ever fired a weapon. It is much different with the threat coming out of Iran.

  The Iranians do not think like most of the other nations in this world. As the Iranian president has pointed out so many times on television in the Middle East, "we love death more than you love life." Death isn't a threat to these people. The radical Muslims believe that to die in a Jihad, a holy war, is the only way to guarantee admission into heaven. This is a people that have children in order to strap bombs on them, send them into a crowded mall or market with the sole purpose of blowing themselves up and, as many Jews and Christians as they can.

  This is a nation, a religion that praise suicide bombers as heroes, as people they admire and celebrate their death. In the Muslim religion, when a man or woman is killed in jihad, killing "in fides" assures that twenty-five relatives will also be admitted into heaven. This is why a mother will come on television and tell the world that she is proud of her child who has just blown themselves and others up.

  The clear red line must be drawn because to allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons is like handing nuclear weapons over to the terrorist who attacked America on September 11, 2001. To allow a nuclear weapon in the hands of the Iranians is like handing a nuke to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbulah and every other radical Islamic group in the world. Let me put it in terms you might be able to get. Imagine what would've happened had Adolf Hitler had a nuclear bomb during World War II. Imagine what would've happened if Hitler had placed a nuclear warhead on a Buzz-bomb and allowed it to target London. This is the danger that we now face with Amadinejad and the Iranian nuclear program.

  We need to apply pressure on president Obama and the Congress to support Israel and to use any and all measures we have to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. America must let Iran, and the rest of the world, know that we will back Israel and we are going to stop Iran from being a threat to the entire world. It's a whole lot better that we stop Iran now, rather than risk Iran having a nuclear bomb and use the threat of using it on America to get her to surrender: I don't think Mr. Obama would have the guts to stand up against Iran: after all, he's no Jack Kennedy.

  While you are all praying for the peace of Jerusalem, pray that our government will do what is right in the eyes of Yehovah God, right in the eyes of history and right because we should support and defend our ONLY ally in the Middle East. Stopping these religious fanatics from obtaining weapons capable of hold the world hostage is a must! We must stop Iran and its charge to take over the world and force Islamic law down the throats of a free world. The time is NOW, before it's too late.

Blessings and peace,

Pastor Dave

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