Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Something's About To Happen

  As I'm writing this blog, it is about 3:00 AM on Tuesday, September 4, 2012. Last night I couldn't sleep. I couldn't get comfortable and my heart was heavy. I couldn't put my finger on it, I could figure out why I couldn't sleep. It was so bad that it was nearly  10:00 AM before I was able to sleep, and even then it was only for about four hours.

  I was preparing to sleep this morning, I felt this in my spirit so, before I went to bed I thought it best I get it out. I want you all to remember, I don't claim to be anything except a minister, a teacher of the Bible. I dobn't believe I have any prophetic gift or calling, but I do feel things in my spirit from time to time. This is one of those times.

  Something is about to happen. There is a major shaking in the spirit world and I'm not the only one feeling it. Something is about to happen that no one was really expecting, but it will have a profound affect on the world: something of biblical magnitude. This "something" will cause Christians around the world to examine their lives, cause the Church to begin unifying and it will even cause many sinners to come to know Yeshua. Those sinners who don't immediately come to Yeshua will, at the very least, begin to examine their lives and start making their way toward a saving knowledge of Yeshua.

  While I can't say for sure, I feel like this "something" is a two pronged event. I feel like something is going to happen in the Middle East. I believe it has somethign to do with either an attack on Israel or Iran. There will be a significant loss of life and there will be panic around the world. Brave men's hearts will fail them and some will not know how to handle this event, or what to do about it. It will be a major event that is somehow linked to prophecy.

  I also feel like something major is going to happen on American soil. When I think about, I sence enormous pain, suffering and fear. I don't know if it's an attack, a natural disaster of some kind or what exactly. What I do know is that it will touch nearly the whole of the nation and its big enough that it will cause Christians to hit their knees in serious prayer. I can't seem to get away from the fear aspect of this feeling. It's like millions of people are in the same place, at the same time and all of them are afraid of the same thing. It's like a  focused fear.

  Again, I don't claim to have any sort of prophetic gift, but this sence is so strong in my spirit that there has to be something to it. I don't like saying things like this, but I felt like you folks should know so that you can pray and ask our Father to reveal any instructions He might have for you, your family and your church. I would strongly urge you to begin a time of serious intercession and don't stop until you feel the Father release you from it.

  I will be praying about this feeling and asking for more revelation. We are living in the last days of this final age on earth. We all need to be listening and sensative to the Holy Spirit because, as it says in Amos, our God will not do anything until He first tells His prophets and ministers so they can warn the children of Yehovah first. Keep you hearts and ears open and, you might want to check the Internet for any stories from those few who are true prophets of God. They will all have very similar messages and they will all come out about the same time.

Blessings, peace and Yeshua's love to you all,


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