Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Making A Short Film

  About a year ago the Father gave me a story about a backslidden Christian who found himself left behind after the Rapture. I wrote the story and even read the story on my radio broadcast. I never had any idea that the Father had more planned for this story, until a few days ago.

  The Father told me to make a movie from the story He had given me, and my reply was "who me"? I have never made a movie, never produced a movie and I've never written a movie script and now, I'm in pre-production to film this story. One of the things that bothered me was that I didn't have a camera good enough to make this film. All I had was just a small video camera which has a lot of limitations and not nearly enough recording time. The Father made a way that someone donated a Panasonic video camera, not a home movie camera, but a professional video camera capable of not only making this movie, but it will also allow me to do ministry videos as well.

  I'm working on the screenplay and pre-production for this short film and figuring out what small pieces of equipment and props will be needed to complete the film. From the script and what little I know about making a film, I think this film will not be more than an hour long. It will be released on YouTube first so that people can view it and then it will be made available on DVD for those who want a copy.

  While not giving away the plot or any of the components of this film, I can tell you that it will be a great soul winning tool. It's sure to be a film you want to show to your unsaved family and friends. I would really appreciate your prayers for this important project and the twenty or so volunteer actors that will be playing the parts. I hope to film it in June and July with TouTube release sometime in August. More details when they are available... if you live in the Denton, DFW area and would like to be part of the cast or crew, shoot me an email.

Blessings, peace and love,


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