Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prophetic Word - REVELATION

  As I was praying and thinking about what the Father was laying on my heart for this weeks radio programs, I heard His voice speaking to me the words below. I ran to my computer and began to type them out as Yehovah dictated them to me. When He finished speaking to me, I knew these words were true and I knew they came from the Throne of Yehovah.


  Write to my children and say; Yehovah, the God of creation wishes His children to hear His voice and to obey. I am revealing to My ministers words that My children need to heed. Your churches are filled with the traditions of men, the form of godliness and the powerless rituals handed down from your fathers. Is it not written in My Word that those who know Me must worship Me in spirit and in truth? I have given you My truth in written form, but you do not read it. I have given you My commandments, My laws and My Son, Yeshua, came and gave you a living example of how to live. Follow His example, follow My Word and stop partaking in the powerless forms of the past.

  Come to Me with a heart of worship and praise and I will hear you. Come to Me with an open heart and I will show you the fresh revelation that your fathers did not understand. My prophet, Daniel, was commanded to seal up the book until the time of the end: the time of the end is now upon the earth and I am speaking to My ministers and revealing to them the secrets held for this generation. The secrets of the books are being opened to those who will put aside the traditions of men and follow the words I am speaking.

  There are truths found in the Feasts that I prescribed through my servant Moses that my children need to learn, to honor and to rehearse. These truths point to the pure form of worship, to the meanings of what My Son came to accomplish on this earth and will lead you into a deeper understanding of My heart. Study the Scriptures for in them you will find truth, security, salvation and fresh revelation as I am pulling back the veil of your understanding and opening your blinded eyes. Seek Me and you shall find Me, but seek Me with an open heart to what I will teach you.
  Hear the words of your Father who loves you and wants to reveal to you the hidden secrets that have been waiting for such a time as this. Open your ears to hear My still small voice and you shall hear Me and you shall know that I Yehovah, the God of all creation, your Father.”

  I'd just like to add a couple things here. There are a lot of evangelical ministers out there who want you and me to believe that Yeshua came to do away with the law and the prophets and that to follow the Feast of Yehovah or to pray while wearing a prayer shawl or to build an altar for the family to pray around are all unnecessary and no longer valid. To those people I'd just like to say, shut up. Any time Yehovah, God, says to do something throughout your generations for ever, I do believe He means it. yes, Yeshua (Jesus) came and fulfilled the law regarding the sacrifice of animals and opened the door so we can go directly to the Father, but I also know that we still need to teach and remember that as it pointed to Yeshua.

  Those of us who are seeing what the Father is trying to say understand that we're in the minority right now, but the day will come when many more will begin see the need to return to our Hebraic roots and to follow Yehovah's way and not the traditions of men. One of the main reasons we aren't seeing more of the blessing flowing in our churches and through our congregations is because we've come to accept man's doctrines and theology over what is written plainly in the Scriptures. We need to read our Bibles more while we're praying and ask Holy Spirit to open our eyes to HIS truth, so that we can see things the Yehovah wants us to; not the way some man wants, but the way our Father in Heaven wants us to see it.

  When we leave this world and go on to the next, we aren't going to be judged by what's contained in that denominational rule book or by what we were taught by some dogmatic preacher who was sold on his own version of the Scriptures: we're going to be judged by what is actually contained in the plain truth of the written Word of the Almighty and what His Son taught as He walked this world. Stop worshipping denominations, preachers, teachers, apostles, prophets and evangelists and start worshipping and listening to the One who created all... Yehovah.

That's truth.

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