Wednesday, July 13, 2011


  "Didn't my Son warn you that you should let no man deceive you? (Matthew 24:4) Have I not told you to judge all things by My Word and not your heart? ( Isaiah 28:10) Why then do you run to and fro listening to false prophets who tickle your ears with words that you want to hear, rather than listen to the truth from those who are truly anointed? ( 2 Timothy 4:2-4)

  In these last days there are people claiming to be hearing from Me who are not. They speak words that give you temporary comfort, that calm your conscience yet do nothing for your soul. They give you words that make you comfortable in your sin, yet they do not cause you to seek My face in genuine repentance.

  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6) that comes only from My Scriptures and only from spending time with Me in prayer and worship. You, My precious children, are being led astray by those who seek only to be well known, who seek after the praise of men and who have rejected My ways. You search after those who write books, who speak great swelling words and those who seem to you to be holy, but whose souls are like white washed tombs containing the bones of those who are dead. You seek after that which makes you feel good within yourselves, yet they do not cause you to seek My face.

  Thus says the Lord, seek Me and I will show you My ways. Seek Me in prayer and true worship and I will lead you in the paths that you need to walk. Seek out My ways through the study of My Scriptures and lean not to your own understanding for your ways are not My ways.

  Weigh what you hear with the Scriptures and with nothing else. There are many who call themselves prophets, whose only goal is that their name will be glorified among men. They seek the praises of men and the honors that man can bestow and yet, they know Me not. These are those which shall stand before My Son and will hear the words "depart from Me for I never knew you" ( Matthew 7:23). These are those that will be weeping, wailing and gnashing their teeth from the Lake of Fire for they would not submit to My words and would not hear Me when I spoke to them.

  Hear Me and you shall live. Study My Scriptures ( 2 Timothy 2:15), study the words of My prophets, the words of the Apostles and the words of My Son, for in them you will find life, security, salvation and you will discover the knowledge and truth of My ways. I have spoken to some of you and you have not listened... listen to My voice for I will tell you great things and things you need to know before the time of the end of the age has been fulfilled. Hear the words of the Lord your God."

  There's an old saying that I have come to love... "If your Bible is torn apart, your life isn't." We would all do good to weigh what we hear against the truth that comes from God's precious Word. Rather than take what any preacher, teacher or so-called prophet has to say, we should all dig into the Bible and make sure they are speaking truth. We all should be spending a lot more time in the Bible for ourselves, rather than depend on someone else to tell us what it says.

  Be careful who you listen to and in all cases, check the Word of God for yourself just to be sure. We all have one chance to make Heaven our home, one opportunity to repent before we meet the Father face to face: don't wast yours, please.

Your brother in Christ,


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