Thursday, June 9, 2011

Releasing The Latter Rain

  At 5:30 this evening, the Lord spoke to me and gave me this word. For some it will cause great rejoicing, for others a point of contention. These words are not my own, they came from the Throne of God and I pray that you will receive them.

   "The time has come, the Scriptures are fulfilled: as I said in My Word, the latter rain shall be great than the former, and those whom I have prepared, those who trust in Me, shall now see My hands at work.

  I am releasing now the latter rain of My Spirit on the whole world. The words of My prophet Joel (Joel chapter 2) shall come to pass in these last days. Your sons and daughters shall be saved and you will see many come to believe and trust in My Son.

  As I released My Spirit on all whose who will receive, I will also begin my judgment on those who come against My people, Israel. I will also judge those who have shed innocent blood and those who have blasphemed My holy name.

  My children will I bless and protect; those who worship Me will I cover until the day when I shall send My Son to gather them from the four corners of the earth.

  Put your faith and trust in Me, for I am the Lord God, your Father."

  Again, these are not my words, they're His words. Search the Scriptures for yourself and you will know, God is about to exp load His Spirit on this world one last time and then, those who believe and trust in Him will be going home.


  1. Hi,

    I read the "latter rain" prophecy at wings of prophecy. I've always loved the Joel 2 prophecy and needed the encouragement that it is near.

    While I was here I listened to your broadcast,
    "the blood the bread and the word".I needed
    to hear that there are still worshipers around.

    I appreciate your heartfelt message. David Wilkerson was a wonderful choice and I could very much identify with his anguish about the current condition. Trying to find people who are after God's heart has mostly been a journey
    of despair lately.

    Thank You, I wanted you to know I appreciate what you are doing.

    Be Blessed.

  2. I also meant to share regarding your article on
    "Believe, Expect and Love".

    "Faith worketh by love" has always given me a
    hope-filled connnection. Your thoughts on a compassion that stirs us, was a beautiful description of seeing through God's eyes.