Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chosen Generation

  At 12:10 AM on Sunday, June 25, 2011 the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me to write this Prophetic House Call message. As most of you know, I don’t write anything that I am not one-hundred percent sure, that the Lord gave it to me. This is very much in line with other things He’s given me over the last few months and I feel that it is a wakeup call to the church and Christians everywhere.

  This is what the Lord gave me to send out to you who read this blog and, it will be put out on my radio broadcast as well.

  Speak these words to My people and warn those who are lukewarm and those who don’t believe My Son will come again. Warn and comfort with these words and speak to them with compassion and love.

  This is what the Lord God has to say to all those who will hear. The time of My Son’s coming is closer than many of you believe. Look around you at what is happening in the world. Do you not see the television news; do you not see what is happening all around you? Can you not see the fulfillment of My prophet’s words coming to pass before your eyes? No other generation has ever seen what you are seeing and yet, you sit there and ask Me for a sign? Look around you and read the words of My prophets and you will have no need for any further sign. You are the Chosen Generation!

  It is recorded in My Scriptures that when you see all these signs in a single generation, that that generation will be the generation to see the return of My Son. My beloved Israel is now a nation once more; My holy city of Jerusalem is once more the capital of My nation; the children of Israel that have been scattered among the Gentile nations are making their way to the land of their fathers; the land of Israel, which was once desolate and barren is now flourishing and sending her bounty around the world and the nations of the world are once again plotting to destroy her.

  Look at what the Scriptures have said and see that they are coming to pass in your generation! Look at what My prophets foretold and then see that these things are coming to pass in your generation. This generation is the most blessed generation since the days when My Son walked among you. This generation will be the generation that will see the gathering together of the saints, the tribulation and the Second Coming of Christ to this earth. Look around you and see. Are you blind? Are you deaf? Have you hardened your heart so much that you cannot see what is plain before your eyes? Have you allowed yourself to be drawn into another gospel so deep that you cannot be reached with the truth of My Word?

  Look before you and see what is to come next. Look to the city of Damascus and know that soon it will be no more. See how the heathen is gathering as though they were going to war against My beloved, the apple of My eye, Israel is her name and she is my betrothed. See how that Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, Arabia, Persia and Babylon are coming together as a mighty army. Look to the land of Rosh and see how they have made allegiance with the enemies of your God. See how the waves are roaring, the earth is shaking and the powers of the deep are churning. See that all I have spoken of is now coming to pass in your generation just as My Scriptures have said it would.

  Open your eyes and see, open your ears and hear what is being said by My prophets in your own day. O you who are lukewarm, you who have strayed from the truth of My Gospel and have turned your hearts to lies and deception. Come back to Me now before you are left behind. Set aside your petty differences, your theological disputes and those things that divide My church. Set aside vain debate and pointing of fingers against My ministers, My prophets and those sent in My name to teach you and warn you. Come together as My children in love for one another.

  I am the Lord your God and I am sending My servants forth to warn you and to prepare you. You are the chosen generation that will see the return of Jesus the Messiah. You are the chosen generation that was spoken of from long ago. There is no stopping this, there is no delaying this: you are the chosen generation! Come to Me while you still can and repent of your whoring, you’re trusting in another gospel and your idols. Do not wait for the tribulation to come for many of you will not be strong enough to endure that time. Turn back to Me now, for I am waiting with open arms to receive you again to Myself.

  These are the words of the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, Creator of heaven and earth. Hear My words and live.”

  More on this word from God will be discussed on my radio broadcast this coming week. You can keep up with when I will be speaking on this subject at or

  God bless you and keep you,


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