Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prophetic Word - REVELATION

  As I was praying and thinking about what the Father was laying on my heart for this weeks radio programs, I heard His voice speaking to me the words below. I ran to my computer and began to type them out as Yehovah dictated them to me. When He finished speaking to me, I knew these words were true and I knew they came from the Throne of Yehovah.


  Write to my children and say; Yehovah, the God of creation wishes His children to hear His voice and to obey. I am revealing to My ministers words that My children need to heed. Your churches are filled with the traditions of men, the form of godliness and the powerless rituals handed down from your fathers. Is it not written in My Word that those who know Me must worship Me in spirit and in truth? I have given you My truth in written form, but you do not read it. I have given you My commandments, My laws and My Son, Yeshua, came and gave you a living example of how to live. Follow His example, follow My Word and stop partaking in the powerless forms of the past.

  Come to Me with a heart of worship and praise and I will hear you. Come to Me with an open heart and I will show you the fresh revelation that your fathers did not understand. My prophet, Daniel, was commanded to seal up the book until the time of the end: the time of the end is now upon the earth and I am speaking to My ministers and revealing to them the secrets held for this generation. The secrets of the books are being opened to those who will put aside the traditions of men and follow the words I am speaking.

  There are truths found in the Feasts that I prescribed through my servant Moses that my children need to learn, to honor and to rehearse. These truths point to the pure form of worship, to the meanings of what My Son came to accomplish on this earth and will lead you into a deeper understanding of My heart. Study the Scriptures for in them you will find truth, security, salvation and fresh revelation as I am pulling back the veil of your understanding and opening your blinded eyes. Seek Me and you shall find Me, but seek Me with an open heart to what I will teach you.
  Hear the words of your Father who loves you and wants to reveal to you the hidden secrets that have been waiting for such a time as this. Open your ears to hear My still small voice and you shall hear Me and you shall know that I Yehovah, the God of all creation, your Father.”

  I'd just like to add a couple things here. There are a lot of evangelical ministers out there who want you and me to believe that Yeshua came to do away with the law and the prophets and that to follow the Feast of Yehovah or to pray while wearing a prayer shawl or to build an altar for the family to pray around are all unnecessary and no longer valid. To those people I'd just like to say, shut up. Any time Yehovah, God, says to do something throughout your generations for ever, I do believe He means it. yes, Yeshua (Jesus) came and fulfilled the law regarding the sacrifice of animals and opened the door so we can go directly to the Father, but I also know that we still need to teach and remember that as it pointed to Yeshua.

  Those of us who are seeing what the Father is trying to say understand that we're in the minority right now, but the day will come when many more will begin see the need to return to our Hebraic roots and to follow Yehovah's way and not the traditions of men. One of the main reasons we aren't seeing more of the blessing flowing in our churches and through our congregations is because we've come to accept man's doctrines and theology over what is written plainly in the Scriptures. We need to read our Bibles more while we're praying and ask Holy Spirit to open our eyes to HIS truth, so that we can see things the Yehovah wants us to; not the way some man wants, but the way our Father in Heaven wants us to see it.

  When we leave this world and go on to the next, we aren't going to be judged by what's contained in that denominational rule book or by what we were taught by some dogmatic preacher who was sold on his own version of the Scriptures: we're going to be judged by what is actually contained in the plain truth of the written Word of the Almighty and what His Son taught as He walked this world. Stop worshipping denominations, preachers, teachers, apostles, prophets and evangelists and start worshipping and listening to the One who created all... Yehovah.

That's truth.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Your Legacy

Your Legacy:

Proverbs 13:22 (KJV)
  A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.
  This is an all important passage in your Bible, and it’s also the topic I’d like to write about today. You see, unless we go in the Rapture, one of these days we’re all of us will one day die. The question then becomes, how will we be remembered?

  When we die we’re all going to be remembered for the person we really were. All the polite words and the concern about hurting our feelings won’t matter and people will suddenly become brutally honest. Will be remembered as a drug addict, an alcoholic, a person who couldn’t complete a sentence without profanity or someone who was abusive to women, children or weaker people? Will we be remembered as someone who helped the sick, injured, hungry and naked? Will we be remembered as someone who prayed for anyone who asked, a Believe in Yeshua who tried to live for Him?

  The way we’re remembered is very important because is this is the legacy we leave behind. My dad, who will always be my hero, was a very godly man. He was a minister all of his adult life; a hard worker, an honest man and he was a tremendous prayer warrior and teacher of Yehovah’s Word. No, he wasn’t perfect, but he was one who tried every single day to represent his Father in a good way.
  When you ask people about my dad and who he was, you will rarely hear anything but good about him. You’ll hear a lot of people say that they were saved under his ministry, they were trained to be a teacher or preacher under his watchful eye and you’ll hear how he took care of the sick, the hungry, the poor and ministered in every way you can think of. People will tell you that Rev. D.J. Lillard was a man of God, a good father and loving husband. The legacy my dad left behind isn’t one of material wealth, not one of fame or a huge ministry, but his legacy is filled with wonderful ministry and care. This is the type of legacy that each and every one of should aspire to leave behind. 

  As we walk through our day, we need to be concerned about how people see us. If we dare to wear the name “Christian” then it is our duty to live up to that name: or at the very least make every effort to live up to it. Our job is to leave behind memories of how we worked in our church, fed hungry people, assisted the disabled or elderly and how we tried to inspire people with words that were a blessing. We need to be ever mindful of how Yeshua lived His life and, as it says in 1 Peter 2:21, to use His life as our example of how to live.

  As Believers in Yeshua and His Father, Yehovah, we need to do everything we can to follow in the footsteps of our Savior. Daily we need to awake with a prayer our lips, g through the day with a prayer in our hearts. We need to daily search and study the Scriptures, help people whenever and wherever we can; not for any sort of praise or a reward of any kind, but because it’s the thing that Yeshua would do. We need to keep a word of praise on our lips, a song in our hearts and speak kindly to people and to let His precious love and light shine through us. We need to help people, love people and bless them with the salvation message.

  I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately as to how people will remember me should I be called home before the Rapture. You see, for more than two decades I didn’t serve Yehovah. I ran from the Father and the call He put on my life like I was running from a hungry lion. I didn’t care what I did, where I went or who I hurt. I was chasing a dream and I wasn’t real concerned who I had to step on or step over to get there. I didn’t make a lot of friends in my field when I treated someone in bad way.
  I’m concerned that some of these people who have not been around me since I came back to the Father will have just cause to speak badly of me. I don’t want that to be the case. I want to be remembered as a Christian man, a diligent minister, singer/songwriter and a man who would stop what he was doing to pray for someone when they asked. I want to be remembered for the love I have for my Savior, for the ministry work I’ve done for Him. I don’t want any fame, don’t want any glory: I do want to be remembered as a faithful Believer for the glory of my Father.

  How will you be remembered? Honestly, how would people remember you if you died tonight? Would family and friends mourn the passing of a good Christian man or woman, or would they talk about what a nasty person you were? These are things that we all need to be thinking about and things that we need to be working on. We all should want to leave a legacy of love, respect, service and faithfulness to Yehovah God. We all need to stop, take an honest look at our lives and our accomplishments; then we need to go back and do our best to repair any damage so that our lives glorify the One who did so much for us.

  In many sermons, my dad would look down at his congregation and tearfully make ask this very important question, the question I now ask you. “Your life is the only Bible that some people will ever read, what does yours say?” Should you life be the only Bible some people read, what would it say? There’s a question that should stop you in your tracks to reflect for a few minutes.
Blessings and peace,

Sunday, April 22, 2012

End Time Warning

End Time Warning – False Prophets

  Since starting my full time ministry two years ago, I’ve been exposed to something that I knew was happening, but I wasn’t aware of how rampant it how become. Yeshua warned us that in the last days there would be a lot of false prophets, false teachers and preachers running around the world. While some of these are well meaning men and women who want to do something for the Father, some of these are the lowest form of human beings: they are people who are preying on the emotions of ignorant Christians.

  There are a whole lot of self called people out there wearing titles like pastor, though they don’t have the call or a church; they call themselves evangelist, though they don’t evangelize; they call themselves prophet, though Yehovah never called them and they only echo what they hear someone else say; and some call themselves bishop when they don’t meet the biblical criteria to even hold this office. Folks this is wrong and it is also very dangerous. It also causes the world to laugh when they hear these people speak.

  In these last days, it’s becoming more and more urgent that when we listen to anyone, we need to weigh what they say against the infallible truth of the Word of the Almighty. We need to look at what they say and whether or not they are 100% accurate when they say they’re speaking for Yehovah. The cold hard truth of it is this, according to the Bible, Yehovah’s test of a prophet is that what they say comes to pass, all the time. Deuteronomy 18:22 (NASB77) " When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing does not come about or come true, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him.” This verse says about all that can be said. If it doesn’t come to pass, they weren’t speaking for Yehovah.

  I want to urge all of you who will read this blog to be very careful who you listen to and who you follow. It’s very dangerous to put your full faith and allegiance in any man because, as we’ve seen numerous times in the past few years, any human can fall or circum to temptation. Any human is capable of injecting things into the text to make it say what they want it to say. One can take a few passages out of context and they can start a new religion or some new religious sect.

  Friends, all of us need to be careful and need to check the Scriptures to insure we’re being taught by someone who is called, anointed and speaking the true words of our Father. We need to spend time in prayer, spend time searching the Scriptures and keep our eyes open for false prophets, teachers, pastors and anyone else. It is real easy to pull the wool over the eyes of someone who doesn’t know the material. It is very easy for someone with a nice voice, a pretty face or someone who has a dynamic personality to get people to follow them for all the wrong reasons. Don’t be led into some cult or some movement that isn’t ordained and blessed by the Father in Heaven. Read your Bible and pray on a daily basis. Check what you’re being taught against the truth of the Bible.

  One last thing before we say bye for now. I’ve noticed that a lot of people seemingly are worshiping or idolizing men and women who are preachers and Gospel musicians or “entertainers.” This too is very dangerous because we aren’t to worship or idolize any human. That man or woman on that stage isn’t the object of our worship: they’re a servant like any of the rest of us. They are not a super star; they are not to be held any higher than anyone else. Do not allow yourself to worship or idolize anyone or anything because Yehovah, the Creator of all, is the only one worthy of our worship, our praise and our devotion.

  Thanks for your time and please, take this short message to heart. Don’t follow anyone who isn’t preaching the pure truth of Yehovah’s Word, and don’t follow anyone with a spirit of worship or an attitude of them being an idol. The cost for not listening to these words of advice could be your immortal soul.

Blessings and peace to you all,


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Come Ye Out

  In these last days one can't help but notice how the church looks so much like the world that one needs a program to tell which is which. Those claiming to Believers don't want to offend the world or to make them feel like they have to be different so, we've started to look like the world in order to make them comfortable. This isn't the way Yehovah wants it to be.

  Charles Spurgeon, the 19th century London pastor and pioneer, is quoted as saying "We shall not adjust our Bible to fit the age, but before we have done with it, by God's grace, we shall have adjusted the age to fit the Bible."  The world isn't looking for a carbon copy of itself that has only been repackaged with a bunch of religious trappings, it is looking for something real and powerful. Even the world knows that there should be a marked difference between what they're seeing and what it should be.

  The church of Yehovah God should be filled with faith, power and as we find in Mark 16, there should be signs and wonders following those of us who believe. We should be out there looking different, sounding different and in all of churches, we should be see amazing signs and wonders. In every congregation there should be miracles that leave the unbeliever's mouth dropped wide open in wonder. We should be seeing the blinded eyes seeing, the deaf ears able to hear, the cripple walking and the blessing of he Father falling on everyone gathered to worship Him.

  Come ye out means to stop living like the world, stop depending on the world or the government for help and to stop acting like the heathen do. We're to come out of the world and to rely on the power, love and blessing of the One who should be worshipping every single day. We should start our day with praises to Yehovah on our lips, go throughout the day praising Him and end the day with praises on our lips. We should be feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the shut ins and the prisoner and proclaiming that Yeshua Jesus is Lord of all.

  The world has no problem taking His precious name in vain and using it in a profane and disgusting manner so we should have no problem using it in our daily lives as a blessing and a message of hope. We should be walking around with a prayer of praise on our hearts and our lips. The world isn't ashamed to use the name or title of our Father wrongly, so why are we ashamed to use it as it should be used? We've got to step up and become what the Father intended us to be: we are the mighty men and women of valor and faith through the blood of our Lord, Savior and soon coming King.

  Come ye out and begin to live a life that includes daily prayer, praise, worship and a deep study of the Scriptures. Stop being a follower of the Messiah one day a week and start becoming a true follower each and every day of the week. Learn to love the way He loved; He was our example and we all need to start trying harder to live by His example. We need to stop acting like the world and to begin living like sons and daughters of the Most High Yehovah God.

  I'm as guilty as anyone. I haven't done everything I need to do in order to be a better son of the Father. I haven't spent nearly as much time as I need to in His presence or in prayer for family, friends and those in my church, but I'm going to start. The sooner that we all come to realization that we can do more, the faster we can change and begin to actually do more and better. The time we have on this earth is limited and we need to be more proactive in our approach to winning souls to the Messiah and showing forth His love.

  Would you like to have more of the power of the Almighty in your life? Would you like to be able to pray for the sick and see them recover? Would you like to have a closer walk with Yehovah and be able to feel and exercise the gifts of the Spirit? The only way to be able to do this is to come out of the world and become more like our Savior.

  Please, my dear reader, join me in making a commitment to come out of the world and to draw closer to our Father. It isn't hard, but it does require each and everyone of us to be serious. Come on, become a mighty man or woman of Yehovah.... COME YE OUT OF THE WORLD, and draw closer to your Father.

Blessings, peace and love,

Pastor Dave